In an era where technology and social influence converge to redefine communication, Rigi has set a new precedent by launching India’s first Voice AI Influencer, in collaboration with prominent content creator Shivam Malik. This trailblazing move marks a significant leap forward in influencer marketing and content creation, offering a glimpse into the future of digital engagement.

The Inception of India’s Voice AI Influencer

On October 27, 2023, the tech-innovator Rigi unveiled the Voice AI Influencer at Prabhav 2023, an event held at The Taj in Bangalore that convened more than 150 digital creators, including famed cricketer and Rigi’s brand ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni and renowned YouTuber Tanmay Bhat.

Crafted to embody the vocal persona of Shivam Malik, the AI influencer is the culmination of a five-month rigorous product development phase by Rigi. The process involved an intimate collaboration with Malik to infuse the AI with his unique personality traits and speech nuances, resulting in a digital voice that acts as a true extension of the content creator.

A Fusion of Technology and Personality

The Voice AI Influencer represents a seamless fusion of advanced artificial intelligence and human charisma. “With the ability to mimic and adapt the voice of any creator, this opens doors to endless possibilities for content creation, promotion, and engagement,” a Rigi spokesperson commented at the event.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, reflecting on this innovation, remarked, “Rigi has consistently placed creators at the heart of its business philosophy. The Voice AI Influencer is not just a step forward in adopting technology; it’s a quantum leap in the way creators interact with their followers. It embodies our vision of leveraging AI’s transformative potential to revolutionise the creator economy, ensuring a more nuanced and authentic engagement.”

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The Dawn of a New Era in Content Creation

The launch event extended beyond the unveiling of the Voice AI Influencer. It hosted pivotal discussions on the digital creator economy, including panels on ‘Monetising Influence’ and ‘Communities at the Heart of Content’. These dialogues delved into the evolving interplay between creators and their communities and explored the forefront of the creator economy.

A highlight of the event was the panel featuring MS Dhoni on ‘Handling Fame and Remaining Humble’, providing insights into the personal journeys of public figures. Meanwhile, Tanmay Bhat shared his perspective on the intersection of influencer marketing and technology, underscoring the vast potential the Voice AI Influencer presents.

Bridging Gaps and Empowering Creators

Adding to the excitement, Rigi announced the introduction of Gap Up, a novel discovery platform engineered to facilitate connections and insights with industry experts, addressing the modern digital user’s quest for credible information.

Furthermore, Rigi launched “Community 2.0: The Ultimate Hub for Empowering Creators”, an enhancement to their existing creator-focused platform, signalling a new chapter in creator monetization and community engagement.

The introduction of India’s first Voice AI Influencer by Rigi is a pioneering stride in the realm of influencer marketing. It signals the beginning of a new chapter where AI not only replicates human interaction but enriches it, offering a futuristic and immersive experience. As Rigi continues to bridge the gap between technology and human creativity, the implications for the creator economy are profound, with the promise of revolutionising content creation and consumer engagement in unprecedented ways.