Music holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. More than that we’re won over by the people putting efforts into it to make it memorable. In the growing digital age the Internet has blessed us with people who not only win over the Internet but also win our hearts. One such person is Ricky Pond.

The name Ricky Pond might not ring a bell, but #DancingDad will. A middle aged man shaking his leg to popular Hindi, Tamil and regional songs. Surprisingly, Ricky Pond’s children created a social media account for him as a joke. Little did they know their father would break the internet and would become a glorified dance influencer. Based in Washington, Ricky is a father of four. His children along with his wife are often seen being a part of his videos. Ricky has no previous experience in social media but today he gets approached by brands and DJs for collaborations.

Currently cruising close to half a million followers. Pond even shares some personal stories from his life. He also gets a lot of popular Indian songs. “I oblige because I want the world to be happy. All we need now is happiness” says Ricky. 

In an interview Ricky admitted that none of them understands a word of the songs they dance to but “music at the end of the day is music. If it tugs our heart and adds a little movement to your body, I say go for it without a thought.
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To Ricky Pond, Thank you for doing what you do and making us smile. The Internet is blessed to have a #DancingDad like you.