Age is never a barrier when it comes to creativity and Richa Shahi is another proof of it, with just her phone and playing around with lights and location she is creating self-portraits that will keep you looking in awe.

Richa is a self-portrait photographer who surely knows how to inspire everyone!

Her self-portrait photography offered her an excellent opportunity to do self-reflection. As it not only extends the opportunity to get creative with lighting, backdrops, and settings but allows photographers to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to convey expression and personality.

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Richa started her journey early when she explored the art of self-portraits, giving her complete control over how the image will look by being her own stylist, makeup artist, and creative director.

Creating a backdrop for her was never expensive or troublesome as she experimented around her home – which offered her plenty of creative and characterful options.

Instead of ‘professional‘ backdrops, she shows how an individual can use their curtains, bed sheets, or any large piece of fabric lying around, or find interesting props by using objects such as a beach towel, a throw, or even a picnic rug.

These days the internet is flooded with selfies and with the advancement of technology, everyone has a phone with a camera and the ability to take their own photo.

Taking the advantage of this opportunity Richa experiments around her house and explores her terrace, taking a closer glance at every corner, every door, and every wall, and further challenges herself to create an abstract image of the surroundings.

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So If you are eager to learn the art of photography you can start by learning from the best!