The onset of the digital era has empowered a lot of businesses to modify themselves and grow with a digitalised catapult. The major trigger in businesses shifting online has been with Covid-19 pandemic. The whole of 2020 saw the escalation of the digital field right from content creation to businesses. The genres might be different but one thing unites them on the digital front, Instagram. Instagram which was once just a photo sharing app has long evolved from that description into a platform providing livelihood to many and becoming the foundation of several online businesses. Instagram even has a dedicated page called Instagram for Business meant to provide The latest news, tips and stories for our vibrant community.

Instagram for Business has been active in providing what the public needs. With regular updates it serves the need of the hour thereby helping millions grow. In its latest guide, Instagram has shared tips on How to move your business online.

According to Instagram, “Moving your business online starts with setting up a business account, developing a content plan and getting your products and services in front of new customers.” Instagram even shared three resources to help its users get started.
Those three being:

1. Set up a business account


2. Create exciting social media content


3. Open your Instagram shop

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Read Instagram’s official guide on How to move your business online, HERE: