In today’s competitive job market, rejection letters are typically associated with feelings of disappointment and frustration. They are often cold and impersonal, offering little consolation to the applicant. However, a recent Reddit post by user malevitch_square has offered a refreshing perspective on the job rejection experience. This heartwarming story tells of an applicant who received an Amazon gift card along with their rejection letter, creating a buzz of positivity and admiration on the platform. This unusual and thoughtful approach to rejection has highlighted the significance of empathy and kindness in professional interactions.

Job Rejection sweetened for a Reddit User

A First of Its Kind

The Reddit post opens with an intriguing caption that immediately grabs the Reddit user’s attention. “This is truly a first, guys. As part of my rejection, I received an Amazon gift card.” Accompanying the caption are images of the gift card, charmingly titled A Movie Night at Home. This gift card, an unexpected surprise in the context of a rejection, sets the tone for a story that is both heartwarming and memorable.

Job Rejection letter with a movie night coupon for reddit user


Impressed Despite the Decision

The second image shared by malevitch_square is a rejection email from Secret Sushi, the company in question. What stands out in this rejection email is the genuine appreciation expressed by the company. They thank the applicant for their interest in the position and go a step further by stating that they were “impressed” by the applicant’s “background and experiences.” Such a complimentary tone is rarely encountered in rejection letters and adds a unique layer of respect to the communication.

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A Positive Farewell

What truly differentiates this rejection letter is the manner in which it concludes. Rather than a curt dismissal, the rejection email wishes the applicant “all the best in your job search and any future endeavours.” It conveys sincere appreciation for the effort the applicant invested in getting to know the company and expresses the hope that their paths might cross again in the future. This parting sentiment is imbued with warmth and optimism, transforming the rejection into an opportunity for connection.

A well written Job rejection email surprises reddit user


Reddit’s Heartfelt Response

The Reddit community’s reaction to this extraordinary job rejection has been nothing short of heartwarming itself. One user captured the essence of the gesture by commenting, “You know what? That’s actually pretty cool. It says to me, ‘Sorry, we chose someone else, but we see you and we value you,’ …which is better than just being ghosted and avoided.” This sentiment resonates with many who have experienced the disappointment of receiving no response after applying for a job.

Another user expressed empathy, recognising the challenge in selecting the right candidate, and extended their best wishes for the job search. It’s a reminder that there are many decent individuals seeking employment, and finding the perfect fit can be a daunting task for employers.

One user even injected a touch of humour into the conversation, envisioning a scenario where everyone in a theatre had been rejected by the same company, only to be offered jobs by the CEO as part of a viral marketing campaign. This playful comment adds a lighthearted element to the discussion.

Reddit users react to the sweet job rejection gesture


In a world where job rejections are often accompanied by disappointment and feelings of inadequacy, malevitch_square’s heartwarming Reddit post serves as a reminder of the profound impact that kindness and empathy can have in professional interactions. It showcases that even in the face of disappointment, respectful and empathetic communication can bring smiles and foster goodwill, reminding us all of the power of positivity in our daily lives.