An MBA and communication engineer turned content creator, Ramsha Sultan has aced the space she dwelled into. Her Youtube page has amassed more than one million subscribers while her Facebook and Instagram profile boasts a diverse set of followers. The Youtuber is touted to be one of the dedicated and skilled content creators from India who believes in delivering a varied set of topics to her fans through her content online.

From fashion to beauty talks to religion and share-worthy anecdotes, Ramsha could be seen conceptualizing topics that reflect her ideologies and thought process. Apart from her content creation capabilities, she dives into monetizing the offerings through brand collaborations and campaigns.

In conversation with Social Nation, Ramsha Sultan talks about her mantra to thrive in the content business, her content creation journey so far, and a lot more.

Source: Ramsha Sultan’s Instagram


First and Foremost, how would you describe 2022 in a hashtag?


Share your content creation journey in brief with us- since your debut in the digital world as a content creator so far- how has it been?

I have completed two degrees, started my business, gotten married, and shifted to another country along with making content on Social Media. It’s been a journey of transition for me.

I started my Youtube Journey in my Engineering College and my brand during my MBA. Meanwhile, also managed my studies, exams, personal life, and business along with making useful videos for YouTube.

It requires a lot of discipline and hard work. Nobody is telling you to upload consistently, to study well, to become financially independent, or to manage relationships nicely and delicately.

You have to motivate yourself. It’s hard but it’s rewarding. It feels good to be able to do so much in life.

What are the key learnings that you have imbibed throughout these years when it comes to curating and creating content?

Be real and provide value to people, Don’t try to flaunt a fancy lifestyle. People connect with you when you are raw and real. Make the Internet a useful place for your audience, so that they can learn and evolve with you.

Following trends is the new normal but being real and authentic stay classic forever.

Your social media profile boasts of content across travel, fashion, and beauty. How do you strike a balance between them?

We all do multiple things in life. Humans are multi-taskers. I showcase my travel experiences, skincare knowledge, and modest outfit inspiration along with mental and spiritual well-being videos.

I try to keep a variety of content for my followers. Planning and managing time is a big part of my life. Balancing everything together is hard but I do my 100% and manage multiple domains of my life.

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Your Instagram Reels encompass content about religious learnings and mundane things. Considering Religion as a sensitive topic to speak on, how do you ensure striking a balance and not blurring the lines being becoming informative and controversial?

Religion is something very personal. Your connection with your God is an intimate relationship.

We should not make religion a social or political issue. We all should agree to disagree and be respectful towards each other’s sentiments. These are the basic ethics of a peaceful society.

I just talk about my belief system and motivate my community by giving them hope in God’s Plan. I also try to create awareness and clear misconceptions of people about Muslims.

How do you strategize to monetize your content? What are the avenues to commercialize content?

If your content is good, you will be financially and emotionally happy as a content creator.

Additionally, brand deals, Youtube revenue, merchandise, and online courses are a few income sources of digital creators. The world is getting digital and content creators hold a huge power than most people realize.

How do you go about working on brand briefs and executing them?

Being a Content Creator comes with a huge responsibility. You have to evaluate many things before finalizing a brand deal.

I do get many brand proposals but I take up very few brand campaigns. I go through the brand briefs, then I put myself in the shoes of my followers and evaluate how would this brand’s service or product benefit them. I try to bridge a way between the brand’s expectations and my viewer’s right to honest reviews.

Lastly, what do you look forward to in 2022? What kind of content do you want to focus more on?

In 2022, I look forward to a healthy world where everyone is safe and thriving. Also, want to focus on mental health and emotional well-being content because I feel everyone is going through a lot in this Covid Era.

Furthermore, I want to make my videos a ray of hope to people who feel like giving up.