The scent of freshly baked sweets lingers in the air, and colourful threads are strewn, adding colours to everything around. It’s that time of the year when brothers and sisters gear up for a day of heartfelt promises, mischievous pranks, and endless laughter. Yes, it is the festival of Raksha Bandhan. This joyous festival isn’t just about tying a simple thread; it’s a celebration of the quirky and cherished bond that brothers and sisters share. What better way to understand the squabbles and silliness than through our favourite siblings Devishi Madaan and Aryaman Madaan. While Devishi is disrupting the Gen Z fashion ad beauty genres with her unique choices, Aryaman has the audience on the edge of the seat with his spontaneous travel videos. Individually they are a force to reckon with but together they surpass the energy of a tornado.

Presenting, an interview filled with camaraderie, endless banter and harmless fun. Join us as the sibling duo spills some beans and unguards some well-kept secrets.

Devishi Madaan and Aryaman Madaan for Raksha Bandhan

SN: Tell us about your bond at home. 

Devishi– I will give a kidney for him but I will not give him my food, my charger and my chocolates.

Aryaman– Same for me. I would do anything for her but when it comes to food, I will never share it with her. 

SN: Tell us about an embarrassing story from when you were kids.

Devishi: The story is embarrassing for Aryaman. This is when he was small and he called me up to tell me that a few boys were troubling him and back in the day I used to beat people up and was a complete tomboy. So I went down and beat little kids up for my brother. I tore their T-shirts as well. He was really cute as a kid, so it made sense. Now I wouldn’t do that

SN: Tell about one silly argument you’ve had with each other.

Devishi: We argue about which side of the bed one gets to sleep on.

Aryaman: Yes, because one side of the bed has the charging point next to it. 

SN: What’s your favourite memory of each other?

Aryaman: I loved going for a swim with her. When we were kids, we would go swimming every day.

Devishi: We would do a lot of activities together, like swimming classes and skating classes. He also would do Bharatnatyam with me. I would pester him to accompany me. 

Aryaman: The Bharatnatyam classes were only fun for a while because I was then bullied by others for being the only guy in the class. 

SN: Tell us one time as kids you lied to each other or hid something from the other.

Devishi: I had this huge teddy bear which Aryaman also loved. So I made up this story that the name of the teddy bear is Brownie. I also added that the teddy is alive and only wakes up at night. Along with it, I go to a magic world, where I am the Queen. To add to it, I would ask him ‘You did not see me last night, right?’ and he would just agree to it because he knew nothing.

Aryaman: For the longest time I believed it to be true. 

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SN: What is that one habit that you love and hate about each other? 

Devishi: I love nothing and hate everything. 

Aryaman: That’s mean! 

Devishi: He gives great feedback on everything in my life, especially my content, which is truly a blessing. 

Aryaman: I like how dedicated she is towards her work. I don’t really hate anything about her except that she eyes my food. 

Devishi: Sometimes he’s very rude to me and I don’t like that. 

Raksha Bandhan with Devishi Madaan and Aryaman Madaan

SN: Do you both like a specific food combination that might be weird to others?

Aryaman: We both love one thing a little too much. We love to have French fries with iced coffee. We do that every time! Devishi has hide and seek with bhujiya, which is disturbing even to look at.

Devishi: In my defence, it’s really delicious. I hate how he has cheese in everything that he eats. 

SN: If you both could travel anywhere in the world together, where would it be?

Aryaman: Paris! 

Devishi: No, Spain! Acha chal US.

Aryaman: Ya! We can visit the US ‘n’ number of times. 

SN: One time where you saved the other from your parents?

Aryaman: Oh I did that! *feeling super proud* I always save her from our parents, all the time. I save her from every major problem.

Devishi: Yeah, that he does! I always get him in trouble only because he never does what he’s supposed to. 

SN: Is it challenging to match each other’s schedules while shooting content?

Aryaman: No, our content is very different from each other and so we shoot our own stuff separately. 

Devishi: In case we have to shoot something together, we shoot at night. Anytime after 12, we both are free. 

SN: One trend that you both did together and loved?

Devishi: My favourite trend was recreating childhood pictures together. 

SN: You guys have to pick two videos from each other’s feed and rate it.

Devishi: I can judge all videos of Arry. Each of his videos starts with “Hi guys I’m…”

Aryaman: There is this one video that I really like and the remaining others are bad *laughing*

Devishi: All his videos are made with a good budget with high production and editing, so they are really good. Honestly, all the criticism and feedback are already done. So if there’s a video on the feed, that is up only after a thorough criticism and appreciation round. In fact, for me, the most talked about video is this Goa video where he went with a content creator friend of his. This video has now become an icebreaker for me to start conversations with other people. 

SN: Do you both have a rakhi ritual that you follow religiously?

Devishi: Oh yes! We fight every year for gifts! In fact, when my father gives me money on his behalf, he wants that too. 

Aryaman: Every year I want something for Rakhi but apparently guys don’t get gifts for Raksha Bandhan. That’s so dumb! Why would I give her something when I am not getting anything?

SN: Are there any gifts that you have planned for each other this year?

Aryaman: This year for a change I have planned something but I am not spilling it. 

(After convincing Devishi to close her ears, we ask Aryaman again)

Aryaman: so I am gifting her a camera this year!

Devishi Madaan and Aryaman Madaan truly brought in the essence of sibling relationship. The Madaan siblings established that it is impossible to live with a sibling and that it is even more impossible to live without them. Through their teasing and troubling, their love shone the brightest. Seeing them with each other has left us missing our siblings and we take your leave to get on their nerves.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all. May your bond with your sibling only strengthen over time.