Rahi Chadda needs no introduction in the fashion fraternity. Known for his unique fashion sensibility, he has built his own Empire with his out-of-the-box fashion approach. A Global fashion influencer, a model, and an entrepreneur, Rahi has his hands full and going by the success, he surely loves it this way! Like previous years, Rahi Chadda was invited to the Cannes 2023, and he completely stole the show with his sui generis fashion. 

Rahi Chadda at Cannes 2023

There has been a tide of compliments for Rahi Chadda this year, owing to his fiery fashion both on the red carpet and otherwise. He picked outfits that have become the symbol of futuristic fashion at the same time, also enhanced his identity. Not only the outfits but the jewellery and accessories he opted for, complimented his overall look.

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Rahi Chadda In Louis Vuitton

Rahi kicked off the Festival De Cannes 2023 with a casual look from Louis Vuitton. Dressed from head to toe in Louis Vuitton, his outfit screamed comfort. He picked a relaxed fit co-ord set in more subtle tones and bold prints. To it, he added a pop of colour, or should we say, the Rahi factor, by pairing it with skates-inspired sneakers in bold orange called “Le Boyhood” from LV’s Elliott Cox. He took the look many notches higher with his rust-coloured sunglasses.

Rahi Chadda At Cannes 2023

Rahi Chadda

Rahi Chadda In Homolog

For his first red carpet look, the one that has been flooding the fashion media, he opted for a fiery red couture Pantsuit from Homolog Paris. Named as one of the best-dressed men at Cannes 2023, Rahi surely made heads turn. In the Crimson Red part tailored and part textured trench, embellished with the finest, he had a trail of tulle attached to it. He paired this oh-so-stunning outfit with an equally stunning diamond and ruby necklace from Fred Jewelry. There is no doubt about all the gushing that is happening around his look. 

Rahi Chadda in Homolog Paris at Cannes 2023

Rahi Chadda

Rahi Chadda In Roberto Cavalli

For the Indiana Jones Premiere at Cannes, Rahi again bought his fashion A-game at the forefront. This time he went for the Classic Black monochromatic look from Roberto Cavalli. To refine his fashion aesthetics he opted for lapel detailing in the popping yet soothing Turquoise embellishments. The detailing is so fine, yet so spectacular, that it is hard to take your eyes off. To add the perfect drama to his outfit, he picked beautiful textured flared pants. To call him a king of our hearts would be creepy so we will stick to King Of Cool.

The team at Social Nation had the honour of knowing Rahi Chadda’s experience at Cannes 2023 and we would love to share it with you. Presenting, snippets from our conversation with Rahi Chadda.

SN- How has the overall experience been?

Rahi Chadda- “Sitting in a room with the world’s greatest writers and film professionals is a surreal experience. Cannes is an experience.”

Rahi Chadda In Louis Vuitton at Cannes 2023

Rahi Chadda

SN- Which one of your looks is your personal favourite from Cannes 2023?

Rahi Chadda- “It was the red Homolog couture look for me which was truly special. Embellished with crystals, the tulle bottom really dramatised the look for me. The cherry on top was the Fred Jewellery, with a Ruby pendant which made a dazzling statement.”

All of Rahi’s looks have been an absolute delight to watch but if there was a gun pointed to our head and we would have to pick one, the Homolog Paris’ Crimson Red Pantsuit would be the answer we would blurt out.

Not just at Cannes but Rahi Chadda’s fashion has been A1 since Day 1. Through his multiple interviews, Rahi clarified that modelling is something that fell into his arms. However, to us, this is a classic example of destiny playing its charm and fitting the pieces correctly. Rahi Chadda is truly meant for the fashion world and the best fashion in the world is meant for Rahi Chadda.