Mirchi 95 Bangalore celebrated this women’s day with the launch of the campaign−Jai Her. This campaign, through the power of radio & social media, aims to break the long-standing societal notions about a woman’s career and conduct.

Mirchi 95 introduced the first leg to the Jai Her campaign−Can Women Drive−a five-part light-hearted series. Hosted by Mirchi Jimmy in a Mahindra Thar car, the series features Bangalore’s popular comediennes−Aiyyo Shraddha, Sonu Venugopal, Ramya Ramapriya, Punya Arora, and Sejal Bhat.

RJ Jimmy with Shraddha | Punya Arora
RJ Jimmy with Shraddha

Conceptualized by Mirchi 95, RJ Jimmy drives around Bangalore with his guests, engaging in candid conversations about their life, their goals, and their motivation, ending each episode with the million-dollar question – ‘Can Women Drive?’. Through each of the five seven-minute episodes, Mirchi Jimmy and the guests tackle and demystify the stereotypes regarding women in their own unique way.

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Moreover, when asked about their journey as content creators, here is what they had to say−

Punya Arora said, “When women come together we make boss content, so, watch out!”

Whereas Sejal Bhat believes that comedy moves beyond the gender wars and commented, “Inside our heads, we’re not woman or man, we’re just thoughts.”

In the second leg of the campaign, Mirchi 95 continued questioning stereotypes through a host of on-air interactions with some of the most inspiring women across industries. In Mirchi Viji’s show transwomen Neethu Vanaja Shakti and Priyanka spoke about their transition, struggle, and life in general. In Mirchi Ridhi’s show, the Mohan sisters- Shakti Mohan, Mukti Mohan, and Neeti Mohan spoke about pursuing their passion and the support they received from their family.

In Mirchi Sarah’s show, Smriti Singh- a bartender, who is also a fire & flow artist, spoke about how she made her way in a male-dominated industry.

Commenting on this initiative, M N Hussain, Business Director- AP, Telangana & Karnataka, ENIL, said, “At Mirchi, we focus on building campaigns and initiatives that are not only of interest to our audiences but also of value to them. We are extremely happy to be commemorating this Women’s Day with our campaign, Jai Her. It brings us immense joy to bring to light some of Bangalore’s unconventional stories from the most inspirational women. We are thankful to all the guests who aided us in bringing this initiative to life.”

Catch all the episodes from ‘Can Women Drive’ only on Mirchi Jimmy  Instagram page to listen to inspiring stories of strong and successful women.