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Following the ‘Nationality Challenge’ trend, Jissa Paul created a reel without using the app. She created multiple nationality looks – Japan, China, India, Russia, and Thailand, all without using the app. Jissa also received tremendous support on the reel from fellow content creators like Nagma, Mrunu, Tanzeel Khan, Sanket Mehta, Ashi Khanna to name a few.

Jissa has 580K+ followers on Instagram and is loved by her audience for the flawless transition reels and content that she consistently uploads.

We get in conversation with Jissa Paul to know more about her content creation journey, brand briefs, monetization opportunities, mantra to sustain the competition, and more.


Your Nationality Challenge became an instant hit. What was the idea behind hopping onto the trend? 

I really enjoyed creating content on the Nationality Challenge. It gave us the opportunity to explore other nationalities. I was very intrigued by it. While everyone else was using an app or a filter to create the challenge, I thought of creating the challenge myself without using an app.

Dressing up in different cultures and using different makeup for it was a great learning experience for me.

Cut to Jissa’s journey as a content creator. How and when did it start? Do you remember your first reel or video content that went viral? 

I come from a small town in West Bengal. When I started my journey in 2017, I was very conscious about what I was posting. But, slowly and gradually I started receiving a lot of love for my content from the audience. This encouraged me to explore the social media world more.

My first viral reel was on ‘weep eye challenge’ trend. Just like everyone, one night I also made a video where I was crying my heart out. It helps me to calm down. I uploaded the video and slept.

The next morning, I woke up to a lot of story mentions, messages, and a call from my best friend, and when I saw my post it had so many likes and comments. I had never seen those numbers in my life. It all felt like a dream.

Jissa Paul

How would you describe your social media profile in a hashtag? Please elaborate. 

#DreamsDoComeReel. When you see my profile, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Where I come from, content creation isn’t considered a career option. There was apprehension from people around me. But I dared to dream and I am thrilled to see that I am getting closer to my dreams every day.

Apart from creating self reels, you could be seen collaborating with fellow creators too. How does that help to enhance our social media presence? 

Creating content with other creators is a great way to come out of your comfort zone. Sharing ideas and discussing concepts with them is a great learning experience. Collaborations help cater to audiences beyond yours. 

Who among the Gen Z content creators on Instagram you would like to collaborate with next and why?

I haven’t really thought about it. But I’m sure I will collaborate with a creator with whom I can vibe.

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What’s your list of international influencer/creator watch list like? Which global content creator do you get inspired by and think everyone should follow?

There are a few creators I really like. Most of them either make dance content or fashion or have some good editing skills. There’s so much to learn from them.

How do you strategize to monetize your content and how do you work towards brand briefs? 

For every brand brief that I receive, I try to keep it in line with my content style. For monetization of my content, my agency looks after it and does justice to my hard work.

What are the challenges and opportunities that social media provides for a content creator in today’s world? What do you think still needs to be improved? 

Social media platforms provide an outlet for people to showcase their creativity. It allows them to build an unconventional career option. With all the tools available now on these platforms, it has become easier to connect with the audience.

However, it can also be toxic. It is important for all users to prioritize their mental health and not let the trollers affect them.

With the short form of content taking over social media. Why do you think long-form of content will never die?

I do not think that the long-format content will die because there is a large audience for it. A certain form of content cannot be showcased in short format content. For example, vlogs. Our followers love to watch what we do in our daily life which we put forth in form of vlogs.

Cutting these vlogs to short format content does not do justice to it. It surely serves as a trailer but creating long-format content is actually when we get to show ourselves in the truest form to our audience.

Lastly, what keeps you going in life, and what would be your advice to all the people seeking that little push to kick off all the things they plan to do?

My friends and family keep me going in life. To anyone trying to start a career in social media, I would like to say that takes a leap of faith. Post your content. Stay consistent and do not get hooked on numbers. Be patient. The universe is working with you to take you on the path where your dreams will come true.