A recent social media video shared by Instagram influencer Priyanka Tyagi has set off a wave of debates and discussions across online platforms. Tyagi’s viral video, titled “Club me Ameer Launda Kaise Fasaye,” aimed at offering a humorous guide on how to engage with wealthy men at high-end clubs and convince them to cover the bill, was initially posted on her Instagram account. Later, the problematic video was tweeted by Ruchi Kokcha who was baffled by the influencer.

Priyanka Tyagi faces backlash over viral video


The Video Content

In the video, Priyanka Tyagi shares tips about finding a rich man at a luxurious club, signalling interest, and eventually persuading him to pay the bills. While the video is problematic from the very onset, the creator’s voiceover, in the end, triggered a lot of people when she mentioned how ‘these men’ should only be used to pay the bills and not to fall in love with them. While intended as a lighthearted reel, the content sparked a wide range of reactions.

Backlash and Criticism

Almost immediately, the video drew vehement backlash from social media users. Many criticised it as promoting misleading tactics and manipulative behaviour. Several comments labelled the behaviour as reflective of using deceptive means to exploit men financially.

One of the central themes within the criticism was the perceived double standard in societal reactions. Users pointed out the hypothetical outrage if the roles were reversed, questioning why similar actions from men wouldn’t be received with the same nonchalance or humour.

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Labels and Condemnation

Netizens did not shy away from commenting on the video ranging from labelling Tyagi’s advice as that of a gold digger to expressing frustration at what’s perceived as misuse of the freedoms and opportunities afforded to women in clubs. Criticism extended to how these actions might clash with efforts to establish respect and equality for women.

A pool of comments on Priyanka Tyagi  viral video

Misrepresentation of Feminism and Values

A significant concern raised by users was the video’s potential misrepresentation of women’s intentions and aspirations. Many expressed worry that such content contradicts the ongoing efforts to cultivate value, respect, and equality for women. Some viewed this as detrimental to feminist principles and created conceptions about women’s desires and actions.

The controversy ignited by Priyanka Tyagi’s video has unveiled a complex web of discussions around gender perceptions and societal norms. It has triggered reflections on ethical conduct, gender equality, and the portrayal of intentions, fostering critical conversations about the values our society upholds.

The reactions to this video highlight the importance of responsible behaviour and discourse on social media. It serves as a reminder of the significance of actions that promote respect, equality, and ethical conduct, irrespective of gender. Ultimately, it prompts a crucial evaluation of societal norms and values in our ever-evolving digital landscape.