One thing we love about social media is how it facilitates conversations. Recently, social media platforms have been buzzing with discussions, sparked by Jordan Howlett. The 26-year-old content creator recently went viral after sharing his unconventional theory about why Gen Z appears to be ageing faster than Millenials and previous generations. The video spun out of control, with netizens picking different sides.

ordan Howlett shares his theory about Gen Z ageing faster, goes viral

Jordan Howlett’s Wild Theory

With over 35 million views on Instagram video, Jordan Howlett has ignited a widespread conversation about the factors contributing to this perceived ageing trend among Gen Z. In his viral video, Howlett pointed to unique challenges faced by Gen Z, such as economic hardships, inflation, and the struggle to maintain financial stability even with a 9-to-5 job.

This immense pressure to succeed before the age of 30 might be a significant factor in the accelerated ageing perception. On the other hand, he believes the previous generations did not have so many things to worry about which helped them live a stress-free life and eventually helped them look younger.

Howlett also highlighted the stress of trying to figure out long-term career goals, a challenge many Gen Z individuals face as they navigate the rapidly changing job market. The pressure to make significant life decisions at a young age might be taking a toll on their overall well-being, contributing to the notion that they are ageing faster.

Internet’s Reaction

The wild theory has gotten netizens worked up as they express their opinions on what Jordan Howlett confessed. While many of them agree, there are a few who give their reasons as to why Gen Z’s are ageing faster and then there are a bunch of users who have turned this into a laughter riot. Some of them are only in the comment section to express their disbelief in knowing Jordan’s age. 

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Shocked Social Media Users

Upon discovering Howlett’s age, many social media users expressed shock and disbelief. Comment sections were flooded with reactions from people who couldn’t believe he was only 26, with some suggesting he looked much older. The sheer number of responses indicated it was not a small bunch.

Netizens slash Jordan Howlett and his theory about Gen Z ageing faster

Agreeing with the Theory

A significant portion of the online community seemed to resonate with Howlett’s theory. Comments from various platforms highlighted shared experiences of people mistaking Gen Zs for being older than they are. While the Gen Zs showed him empathy, Millennials were quick to point out the reasons, attributing this to a lack of outdoor play and exposure to sunlight, while others pointed to the desire to grow up too fast in the modern era.

Humorous Comparisons and Theories

Amidst the serious discussion, the internet showcased its creativity with humorous comparisons and theories. Some users playfully suggested that “playing outside with water hoses was the real fountain of youth,” while others reminisced about Millennials respecting authority more and not rushing into adulthood.

Netizens teach Jordan Howlett and his theory about Gen Z ageing faster a lesson

Jordan Howlett’s viral theory has opened up a broader conversation about the societal perceptions of age and the unique challenges faced by Gen Z. The internet’s reaction, filled with a mix of surprise, agreement, and humour, highlights the power of social media in shaping discussions around generational differences. As the dialogue continues, it prompts reflection on the complex factors influencing how we perceive age in the ever-evolving landscape of society.