Designers seem to have upped their game this season by including influencers and creators in their latest bridal couture collections. Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre surprised us with Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane as the muse for her Bridal Couture 2021. Previously, Manish Malhotra too incorporated Sakshi Sindwani in his inclusive line ‘Nooraniyat’.

AnitaDongreOfficial stated on YouTube, “Our muse Prajakta Koli is every bit as free-spirited, brave and light-hearted as we hope every Anita Dongre bride feels. She has a story to tell, and she does that with pride and joy.”

Anita Dongre X Mostly Sane | Bridal Couture 2021:

Released on September 11, 2021, Prajakta, as the Anita Dongre bride is the “modern Indian woman” who knows what she wants. As the carefree bride, she does not limit herself to any boundaries and behaves the way she wants. She makes her own rules, not gets dictated by anyone. As the intelligent bride, she needs her lehenga to be “light as air” and definitely have “pockets”! Most importantly, she’s herself and doesn’t change her definition of fun just because of the wedding.

Anita Dongre and her team dedicated this note to Prajakta Koli and all the modern brides out there:

I’m sure y’all are feeling the positive free-spirited vibes that Prajakta is showcasing as the muse. Here’s another clip where a bride eats whenever and wherever she wants:

Food and bride, what a love affair! Isn’t it? Ha-ha! The whole filming was shot at the headquarters, House of Anita Dongre, Navi Mumbai. Whatever beautiful jewellery our dear MostlySane wore was from Anita Dongre Pinkcity.

Check out Dongre and Koli playing 15 questions here:

There’s just something so fiercely honest about this whole collaboration that speaks about the inner want of so many Indian brides. Don’t y’all agree? It’s not just only about want but it’s a need! Need of the hour to be apt! Why should brides suppress their desires to have fun and just can’t behave the way they want? Being totally opposite of what society expects is not wrong! Prajakta Koli perfectly depicted it, and we thank her and the whole team of Anita Dongre for presenting such an eye-opener! Also, do check out Sakshi Sindwani Makes Her Couture Debut with Manish Malhotra’s ‘Nooraniyat’.