Hailing from Bangkok in Thailand, Lynn Hoa is a digital creator with 151 K followers on Instagram, and 881 subscribers on YouTube. How beautifully she manipulates golden hour in her pictures and reels, is a skill that I’m sure you’re on the lookout for. Her content taste lies in posing tips, editing hacks, and outfit ideas. 

Let’s get photoshoot ready with Lynn’s 5 striking reels:

  1. Camera Shy

Too timid to face the camera? Try out these poses which will surely get you great pictures, without even showing your face properly.

  1. Easy Poses

Posing and posing, and still not getting satisfactory pictures? No worries! Lynn has got your back.

  1. Aesthetic Poses

Want to click some aesthetic pictures? Then this video is what you definitely need to see. 

  1. Not Photogenic

Who says you’re not photogenic? Lynn shows us the perfect way that it’s all about how you present yourself. 

  1. Full Body Poses

If you’re troubled about how to show your whole outfit in a dope way, then you should check this out.

Well, I’m absolutely certain that you will be pretty impressed with her posing ideas. Also, what’s there not to like? They’re so easy and Insta worthy that you will be convinced to try them yourself. So, chop-chop! Get on with it!