Step into the world of Panther, where the unmatchable energy meets lyrical supremacy. Born Anubhav Shukla, this dynamic artist from Uttar Pradesh has emerged as an artist par excellence in the Indian music scene. Panther has captured the hearts of fans across the nation and his massive social media following is proof of this. From remote villages to the grand stage of MTV Hustle 2.0, he has graced each and every stage with his musical passion. Now the talented Panther is all set to bring his energy to the Social Nation Festival 2024.

Catch Panther live at the Social Nation Festival 2024

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Know Panther 

The musical maestro Panther reached new heights with his unforgettable stint on MTV Hustle 2.0. As a contestant on India’s premier Rap/Hip-Hop reality show, he mesmerised audiences with his talent and magnetic stage presence. From serving as a Squad Boss to delivering knockout performances, Panther showcased his versatility. 

With chart-topping hits like Gadar Chasme UP Se and Bas Ek Baar to his name, he has solidified his status as a rising star in the world of Indian hip-hop. Recently Rapper Panther released a new independent song titled Galat Karam in collaboration with Delhi Rapper ‘Raga’.

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Experience the Magic at Social Nation Festival 2024

Prepare to be swept away by the exhilarating atmosphere of Social Nation Festival 2024! As Asia’s largest creators’ festival descends upon Jio World Garden, Mumbai,  fans and creators alike are in for a treat. From interactive workshops to power-packed performances, the festival promises red-carpet event, meet & greet, workshops and much more. Immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds, as you connect with like-minded individuals and witness the best talents from across the globe.

As the countdown begins and excitement builds, the excitement is getting contagious. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Panther’s electrifying performance and be part of a celebration that promises to be unforgettable. Get ready to groove, cheer, and revel in the magic of Creators at Social Nation Festival 2024!