In a much-anticipated interview with MensXP for their show Men’s Locker Room, Orhan Awatramani – the internet sensation, BFF for the stars, and the paparazzi favorite – finally spilled the beans on his personal life. Hosted by Sadhika Sehgal, the episode delivered on the promised juicy gossip and finally, answered the question: Who is Orry? The interview covered Orry’s family, his many professions, and biggest fears, taking listeners on a crazy ride through his appearances at Bollywood parties and his adventures across the globe. 

Big Revelations from Orry's Men's Locker Room Interview

It’s an hour long conversation, but if you’re a lazy bum like me, we have got you covered. We picked out the most exciting, juicy, important highlights from the interview, and summarized it for you to relish on. And if you’re someone who has to hear it from the horse’s mouth, check the link below for the full-length interview.

Orhan is a Turkish name.

Orry’s given name is Orhan. In the interview, he confirmed that this name indeed has Turkish origin. It means “leader of the Turks.” Man, the historical significance! So, who gets the credit for this powerful name, his mom or his dad? Well, it was actually his aunt who pitched the idea to his mom, and she was all in for it. Talk about a name that leads the pack!

Orry grew up in Kodaikanal.

Orry’s parents originate from Bombay, and although he didn’t spend his formative years there, his folks are true Mumbaikars. Despite the common misconception that he’s a Bombay kid, his upbringing took place in the southern hills of India in Kodaikanal. Orry describes Kodaikanal as a small hill station, marked by its simplicity. 

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His early years in Kodaikanal were characterized by a blend of an American-style upbringing in a modest Indian environment. Orry maintains strong relationships with his childhood friends from Kodai, staying in touch with his entire friend group and making regular visits. 

Orry gives friendship report cards.

Orry has adopted a unique birthday tradition for his friends. He likes writing open letters on their special days, starting with the classic “Dear so-and-so” and offering warm wishes for their birthday. What follows is a more extensive letter, featuring Bible quotes and life tips. 

Just like a teacher, Orry puts together a friendship report card, commending his friends for their diligence, generosity, and, on occasion, their knack for being a bit too accommodating. Orry not only hands out physical note cards but also shares these declarations on his Instagram – a fail-safe method for making sure the love is seen, read, and appreciated.

Orry is addicted to Reddit.

Yes, he’s a self-proclaimed Reddit enthusiast. Confessing to a mild addiction in the interview, Orry revealed his tendency to engage actively in the comment section, often prompting puzzled reactions from fellow Redditors as he responds in the first person, unabashedly participating in discussions about himself. 

Now, answering a burning question from Reddit threads: Is Orry closer to Nisa Devgan or the Kapoor sisters? The answer, unfortunately for the Redditors, remains a mystery as they don’t have access to Orry’s DMs. While Orry cherishes his close bond with Nisa and the Kapoor sisters, he’s quick to highlight the multitude of other friendships he holds dear – because, as he points out, there’s more to his social circle than meets the Reddit eye.

Orry is really good friends with Rakhi Sawant.

Orry’s got a wild mix of friendships, like the one he shares with Rakhi Sawant. They’ve got this funny thing where they plan to meet at the airport, but their flights never sync up. Still, Rakhi replies to Orry, even sending three voice notes. 

In the interview, Orry reflects on friendship dynamics, acknowledging the unpredictable ways they form – be it chance meetings, common pals, or even those spontaneous connections on Instagram. He’s proud of his bunch of friends who started as strangers on the internet, but are quite close to him now.

Orry used to wait tables.

So, what does Orry really do? In the interview, he spills that he has taken on various odd jobs, including working at business conferences at the young age of 19. His career journey is diverse, ranging from being a guard to making a stint at Vogue India, and even being a graphic designer. When it comes to favorites, Orry doesn’t just like; he loves every experience he’s had. 

One standout chapter unfolded during his early adulthood when he worked as a waiter. This period involved not only hustling through demanding night shifts but also dealing with the less glamorous side of the job – cleaning up during the early morning hours. Talk about a guy who’s seen it all!

Orry has a fear of car accidents.

Orry has opted to avoid driving altogether, and his decision stems from a deep-seated fear of car accidents. His crazy imagination paints scenarios where unfortunate incidents unfold, contemplating the possibility of causing harm to others or himself. The fear extends beyond driving, creeping into his thoughts even when engaging in seemingly unrelated activities, such as writing open letters to friends. What if the pen stabs his eyes? 

This heightened awareness of mortality gets even more fueled by news stories of multiple car crashes in a short span. Despite possessing licenses from India, Britain, and the United States, Orry has consciously chosen to steer clear of the driver’s seat.

Orry once asked ‘What is Google?’ to Joe Jonas.

Meeting celebrities for Orry is an art, where the only requirement for a photo is spending just 10 seconds next to him. While this 10-second rule may sound like a joke, Orry actually shared anecdotes about encounters with famous personalities that exceeded this limit. For instance, he recounts meeting Kylie Jenner twice, once as a fan at a restaurant where he successfully secured a selfie by standing in line, and then again at her LA home. Orry’s encounter with Kanye West involved an unexpected invitation to a fashion show after Kanye appreciated Orry’s rather basic look. 

The most hilarious encounter was with Joe Jonas, where a 16-year-old Orry boldly approached him for a photo at a restaurant, and then found himself lingering at the table. Orry, fueled by nervous energy, posed a question to Joe Jonas, to which the response was a casual “Google it.” The young Orry, in his state of confusion, responded, ‘what’s Google?’. Oddly the most relatable thing Orry said in this interview. We are the same, friends.

Orry’s toxic trait is oversharing on social media.

Orry acknowledged his most toxic trait – his ability to turn every aspect of life into advertising material. Whether it’s promoting the highs or lamenting the lows, he makes it clear that if you’re in his life, you’re part of the commercial break. From posting cheerful moments to issuing PSA-style announcements about friendship breakups, Orry unabashedly airs the dirty laundry on social media. He acknowledges the advice about not airing one’s laundry in public but quips that, well, he’s airing the party, the lunch, and even his looks, so airing a friendship fallout is just par for the course. 

Orry’s single.

Orry has confirmed he’s single as a pringle, joking that the last person to hold his hand was the guy who cut his nails, and the last person to provide some attention below the belt was his waxing lady. 

When probed about his longest relationship, Orry dodges the question, playfully worried about others overhearing and passing judgment. On the topic of heartbreak, he encourages embracing the experience, dismissing the idea of keeping emotional walls up. According to Orry, heartbreak, although accompanied by tears, is a crucial part of life, and avoiding it only leads to a lonely, locked-in existence. We hope you find your person soon, Orry!

There you have it! Orry’s Men’s Locker Room interview delivered on the perfect amount of revelations, from his unexpected career twists, shocking celebrity connections, to his wild Chandigarh escapades. I hope we were successful in unfolding the many, many layers of this internet phenomena through our article, exposing the most intriguing aspects of Orry’s journey and what we loved knowing about him the most.