The whole of 2020 saw an explosion of shows, films, and documentaries on OTT platforms. The new releases were influential in keeping people at home and pass time in what the world claims to be the worst pandemic in history.

While the Covid situation charts its course through the dark tunnels of 2021, we suggest you 3 non-English TV Shows that are made for viewers who love dark, fictitious shows with a blend of mystery.

AFSOS (Amazon Prime)

Language: Hindi

AFSOS is a craft fully written and a unique piece of art doing a fine job in introducing India, to the world of dark comedy. ‘Death’, ‘Suicidal Tendency’ and


‘Murder’ the big elements running the show have been so wisely and humorously portrayed that the viewers cannot help but get involved in the show’s mythical plot. The plot is majorly based on the mythical belief of attaining immortality via amrit (potion of immortality). The storyline is like a

sequence of falling dominos leading to something big, and before you know it. It is Game Over!

RAGNAROK (Netflix)

Language: Norwegian


There are only a handful mythological shows in the world and only one which combines postmodern world with the world of the Gods, Ragnarok. The show is set in a small Norwegian town, Edda suffering from a deteriorating climate due to mysterious reasons. Ragnarok which essentially means “fate of the Gods” is linked to Norse mythology (the same mythology that gifted us the characters of Thor and Loki) and provides a glimpse at the fate of the modern world with a God Vs Evil plot set in the modern world. The opening season of the show ends at a cliff hanger and has since then kept the viewers waiting for more.


Language: Finnish


If you loved watching Sherlock, then Bordertown will not disappoint you. Set in Finland, the show revolves around a gifted detective who takes up a job in a small town to spend more time with his family but is soon drawn into a web of disturbing murder cases. Full of suspense, mystery, graphic visuals, and the chase behind a serial killer Bordertown is what does justice to multiple genres in a single plot.