Nisha Joshi, a model-content creator has taken a big move by stepping outside the safety of her bubble world and conquering the digital name.

The influencer has a look-worthy feed when it comes to street-wear fashion, preppy girl fashion, Y2k fashion, skincare, and wellness tips, which keep us engaged and make us come back to her social media every time.

We searched her Instagram extensively and compiled a list of our favorite fashion looks who continues to stand out from the crowd. She has an impeccable sense of style, originality, and creativity.

Below are some of the curated Street Style looks, so take a minute and allow yourself to be influenced by her and get the best fashion advice.

Street-wear Outfit Inspiration

Peppy-girl Outfit Inspiration

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Y2K Fashion Inspiration

Laid-back casual everyday Outfit Inspiration

The above-mentioned ensembles will help you upgrade your outfits to the next level!

There is no stop here! Nisha knew her goals and decided to grind even further and that motivated her to enter the music industry, by debuting on the new Lo-fi and chill hip-hop song opposite rapper MC Altaf.

The collaboration made great strides in the music space as the official Youtube video ‘Samjhe Na featuring MC Altaf, Shah Rule, and Zaeden grabbed 50k plus views since its premiere.

The announcement of the collaboration was made online and it quickly became the talk of the town.

Nisha also has a YouTube channel- Nisha Joshi, where she showcases her love for fashion and how she styles her outfit with a modern, sophisticated, and ladylike style sensibility that blends with an occasional edge.

Her outfit often ranges from neutral co-ord sets, vibrant sundresses, chic jumpsuits, and casual-formal looks like styling jeans and a blazer.

Don’t forget to check out her- Pinterest for a more awestruck Aesthic picture collection!