Digital creator Niharika Nm is known in the world of content creation for her wit and humour. Her sarcastic and relatable videos have won over the hearts of the audience, thus helping her reach 1.7 million followers on the Gram.

Let’s have a glance at her 5 Amma rendition which can make you laugh uncontrollably:

1. Grisha Powers

When Amma drops water on your Grisha powers influenced by Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bones’.

2. Reverse Time

When you’re so influenced by ‘Tenet’ on Amazon Prime, but Amma brings you back to reality from your reverse time fantasy. 

3. Cleaning

When ‘Dig Swirl Spread’ becomes a cleaning anthem by Amma, all you can say is “left-right sweep it, that’s the best way you clean it.”

4. Batman

When your dreams of becoming ‘Batman’ are overpowered by Amma’s wish for you to become a mosquito killer. Damn, poor dreams. 

5. Buss It Dust It

When you try the Buss It trend, but instead got busted by your Amma. That’s so hilarious!

Aren’t her Amma videos so relatable? Just like mothers in every household. I’m sure each of us has faced something similar in our life. We just can’t help but re-watch her videos and wonder Niharika’s talent is worthy to be called OP!