According to the latest update from the Meta News for Developer Blog, there are exciting updates to share regarding the InstagramContent Publishing API. Starting today (June 12, 2023), new features are being introduced and user types are being expanded to enhance the capabilities of the API.

Firstly, Instagram Creator accounts now have access to the Instagram Content Publishing API, enabling them to publish content through third-party platforms. This means that API developers can offer services through the Content Publishing API to both Instagram Business accounts and Instagram Creator accounts.

 Meta News for Developer Blog API

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The first addition is the user tagging feature, which enables developers to allow users to tag one or multiple individuals when they publish Reels using the IG Content Publishing API. This feature functions in the same way as tagging users within Instagram’s interfaces. Tagged users will see the published Reel in the tagged tab on their profile and receive a notification.

The second feature is the “Original Audio” rename. With this feature, developers can give users the ability to change the default name of “Original Audio” for any original audio they own when creating a Reel using the Instagram Reels API.

In their commitment to Reels and the Content Publishing API, they have also increased the daily limit for media posts per account. Users can now post up to 50 media items per day across all media types, including Reels, Stories, and Feed posts. This expansion offers users greater flexibility and more opportunities to express themselves.

Content Publishing API
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According to Instagram, “There is no breaking change for the existing integrations. They have just taken these measures to ensure that these new features integrate smoothly with your current implementations, ensuring a seamless transition.

Instagram is thrilled to introduce these enhancements to the Instagram Content Publishing API, as they empower creators, developers, and businesses to create and share engaging content on the platform. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures the delivery of the best possible experience for the community.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future. For further information on the latest Instagram updates, you can find more details here.