The bluebird of Twitter is in the news as it flutters around to untag people from conversations. The micro-blogging app allows its users to express messages and updates within 280 characters. For the unknown, it is famous for its features like sharing updates in minimal words, being an authentic information provider, and tagging anyone despite the person, location, or adding anyone.

Twitter started as a website and later launched an app. The app is user-friendly and handy to use when it comes to posting or checking updates. Being in a dynamic environment, just like other social media apps, Twitter also has updates.

Some of the significant Twitter updates have been- its updated character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters, Twitter Spaces, Twitter Communities, and Twitter for Professionals.

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Twitter launches a new feature

Twitter allows people to tag other people on the platform. Active Twitterati would know the struggle of being in unwanted conversations. This new feature will allow you to ‘unmentioned’ yourself from tweets.


New feature alert by Twitter

According to Twitter, the ‘un-mention’ feature will let the user leave conversations they don’t want to be involved in anymore. When you leave a conversation, the app will mute all notifications from the conversation. Your handle will still be mentioned in the tweet, but it will turn gray and unclickable.

This could significantly benefit people who receive hateful or otherwise unwanted mentions on Twitter. It will also help to ‘silence’ notifications for those users who want to avoid seeing specific conversations altogether.

As mentioned by Twitter, the feature is currently being tested with a small but global population and is available on Twitter’s web version only. There is no word yet on when or if this feature will be rolled out to the broader Twitter community.

Twitter’s ‘un-mention’ feature is a valuable addition to the platform as it could help to reduce abuse and harassment. Twitter is trying to make its platform a more positive and safer place for users. It’s a wait-and-watch game for Twitterati to apply it in their daily operations and benefit from it.