Unless you are living under a rock, you must have seen at least one reality TV show on Netflix. Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, Love Is Blind – the list is endless. More specifically, I love their dating shows. They’re addictive, bingeable, and there is so much drama. Recently, Netflix launched the granddaddy of all dating shows, “The Perfect Match”. It brings together singles from all Netflix reality shows, and through a series of compatibility challenges, takes them on a journey from single to soulmate.

Unpopular opinion, but I do think there is a lot to learn from them. Especially about relationships, and how to navigate one in 2023. So, are you looking for relationship advice? Look no further. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a skeptic of love, Netflix’s The Perfect Match has some valuable lessons to teach about relationships.

Here, I will break down 9 of the best relationship lessons you can learn from “The Perfect Match” – so grab some popcorn, cozy up with your partner (or your furry friend), and get ready to learn how to love like a pro!

Communication is the key

Don’t leave your partner guessing what you’re feeling, or they might think they’re in the dark about your emotions. It’s better to communicate your needs clearly and openly. I’m personally loving how open Chloe Veitch is with her partners, even if she changes her mind later. Don’t stress, girlies, if things change – be honest, instead!

Don’t try to force a relationship 

Love should feel natural and organic, not forced like a bad rom-com plot. Don’t try to make a square peg fit into a round hole – find someone who fits you like a glove. We all were feeling for Ines Tazi when she was in one bad relationship after another. But we love a queen who accepts what she deserves!

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Don’t ignore red flags

If your partner seems sketchy or unreliable, don’t turn a blind eye. It’s better to be single and looking than stuck in a relationship with someone who’s not good for you. In my humble opinion, Kariselle Snow should’ve seen through Joey Sasso’s carefree attitude. He’s not changing, girl. Spoiler Alert: They broke up right after filming!

Be honest with yourself and your partner

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress someone else. Be authentic and let your true self shine. During the show, all singles had to say things they didn’t mean to stay in the house. But life is not a reality show, and honesty really does make all the difference.

Don’t put up with disrespectful behavior

If your partner belittles you or makes you feel inferior, they’re not worth your time. Respect should be the foundation of any healthy relationship. We are so not in support of Shayne Jansen raising his voice on Chloe! She did you dirty, but it shouldn’t change your manners, sir.

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Dating lessons from Netflix's The Perfect Match

Don’t settle for less than you deserve

You’re worth more than being someone’s second choice or backup plan. You deserve someone who thinks the world of you and treats you accordingly. Let’s all hear it: Dom  Gabriel deserves better! And we 100% stan a man who can bounce back.

Learn to forgive

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we hurt the people we love without meaning to. Forgiveness is key to moving past conflicts and strengthening your relationship. This doesn’t apply to Francesca Fargo, of course. After dumping multiple people in a row, we think she doesn’t deserve a place in Forgiveness Land.

Don’t rush into things

Love takes time to grow and develop, like a fine wine or a Kardashian’s Instagram following. Don’t try to force a relationship to move faster than it’s ready to. NGL, we think Dom rushed too quickly with Georgia Hassarati. These are called rebound relationships, friends.

Keep things exciting

Surprise your partner with spontaneous dates, yummy desserts, or a Netflix marathon of “The Perfect Match.” Don’t let your relationship fall into a rut of monotony and boredom. I 10/10 recommend watching this show with your partner. It’s a great reminder of how good we all have it, really.

Dating lessons from Netflix's The Perfect Match

There you have it – 9 relationship lessons you can learn from Netflix’s The Perfect Match! Whether you’re single and looking for love or happily coupled up, these tips can help you navigate the ups and downs of relationships. With these tools in your relationship arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to finding your own perfect match. So go forth, young grasshopper, and may love be ever in your favor!