Netflix & Chill has always been on our minds, but now it’s time to binge in style! Netflix just teamed up with Popcorn Indiana to drop their very own line of popcorn! This is the snack upgrade we didn’t know we needed. Imagine munching on gourmet popcorn while watching your favourite shows — total game-changer, right? Whether you prefer our popcorn sweet, salty, or savoury, they’ve got you covered!

netflix popcorn indiana now popping new gourmet popcorn line

About Popcorn Indiana

Popcorn Indiana was founded by a group of individuals from the Northeast, inspired by the small town of Popcorn in Indiana. The founders established Popcorn Indiana to reflect the essence of the small mid-western town it was named after. The name originates from Popcorn Creek, where a local legend suggests that a visitor from out of town compared the size of local farmers’ corn to “popcorn.” In 2017, Cleveland-based firm, Eagle Foods acquired Popcorn Indiana, and the product is now produced at a single facility in Waukegan, Illinois.

Popcorn Indiana launched an exclusive “Netflix Now Popping” range. They’ve curated two delicious flavours that sound like they’re straight out of a movie – “Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle Corn” for cheese lovers and “Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle Corn,” for those with a sweet tooth. Moreover, each bag of Netflix’s popcorn costs $4.50 (INR 375).

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Previous Bandwagons Of Netflix

Did you know Netflix’s Now Popping is not the initial food-related brand extension? In 2020, the streaming giant partnered with Ben & Jerry’s, releasing the Netflix & Chilll’d flavour: a peanut butter ice cream with sweet-and-salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownies. You can still get your hands on this flavour on retail shelves.

Earlier this year, plans were announced to launch physical “Netflix Houses” in 2025. Additionally, a temporary restaurant called “Netflix Bites” was inaugurated in Los Angeles, showcasing dishes from its films and series.

Was It A Random Launch?

A Netflix product launch is never random. Its new popcorn was timed perfectly with its summer lineup of shows and movies. Those include the third and final season of “Vikings: Valhalla” and new seasons of “Too Hot to Handle” and “Barbecue Showdown”; the rom-com “A Family Affair” starring Joey King and Zac Efron; and “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” starring Eddie Murphy.

A movie night and popcorn go together like a hot dog and a bun, ice cream and sprinkles, or a beach day and a lounge chair,” Netflix stated while announcing the popcorn line. “That’s why Netflix and Popcorn Indiana have teamed up to debut Now Popping, a new ready-to-eat popcorn line available to snack on now.

So grab a bag, hit play, and let the ultimate Netflix & Chill experience begin!