Most countries in the world have a dedicated day to celebrate exercising, in India, we celebrate National Exercise Day on the 18th of April every year. It is celebrated to motivate individuals to take up any kind of fitness activity as a part of their day-to-day routine.

Exercise does not mean only an intense workout at the gym but also includes a walk, a few lapses in the pool, a fun Zumba routine, age-old yoga, etc. All of these will get your blood pumping and leave you energised for the rest of the day.

Fitness-National Exercise Day

A little backstory 

The oldest documented exercise has been Yoga which can be traced back to 3300 BC. Yoga is India’s contribution to the world. Even though it has a spiritual connotation to it with a focus on meditation, there is a separate branch of Yoga, called Hatha Yoga, that works on strengthening and fitness. 

Why is exercise important?

  • The health factor- exercising results in blood flow to all the parts of the body, resulting in an increased functioning of the body. It strengthens the bones and muscles, which can help one avoid grave injuries through minor involuntary accidents.
  • A mood lifter- while working out, our body produces endorphins, which are feel-good neurotransmitters that make the body and the mind feel great after a physical activity session.
  • Improved brain functioning – The increased heart rate and blood flow increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain which stimulates certain hormones and growth in the brain. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the brain and brain memory. Exercise also helps in fighting mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. It also helps an individual sleep better, regulating the sleep pattern.

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  • A break- Most of our professional routines now require us to sit at a single spot glued to the screens. Apart from work, we are constantly on our devices to update our social life or view somebody else’s life. Physical mobility has reduced considerably. Therefore, having a dedicated time for a workout can act as a break from the monotony and for sure, your spine will thank you. 
  • Quality of life- exercise helps one keep a check on their weight and enhance overall fitness. This helps in fighting many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and also many chronic diseases. This in turn increases the quality of life, prolonging the healthy body and delaying the onset of hereditary illnesses. 

The industry experts

With changing times, the nature of exercise has also changed. From studios and gym trainer-assisted training, we have now moved to advanced technologies, where fitness routines are dictated through mobile apps. The emergence of social media also has given a platform to many individuals to showcase their talent and monetise their skills. 

On this World Exercise Day, we will speak about the work of 3 fitness influencers who have created a space for themselves in the Internet world. 

Sonali Swami

She is an inspiration to many who are bound by age and shy away from doing many things. At the age of 37, Sonali swami started learning weight training and bodybuilding. She is an international-level athlete who has won a bronze medal at WWBF Asian Championship. Swami is also a TEDx speaker wherein she talks about fitness, her journey and her struggles and how she overcame it, which is truly motivational. She is a certified fitness coach with a following of 320k on Instagram. 

Sahil Khan

He needs no introduction. Know as one of the most popular fitness coaches in India, Sahil has a following of 11.4 million on Instagram. He is the owner of many fitness clubs including the ‘Muscles & Beach by Sahil Khan which is an open gym that allows you to achieve your fitness goals while being close to nature. Not just a fitness trainer, Mr Khan is also a nutritionist who gives nutritional and dietary consultations while having a range of products to his name. His ‘MyFitness’ peanut butter is endorsed by many celebrities and sportspersons. He is also an actor who is seen in many music videos. Sahil Khan has won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for his contribution.

Radhika Bose

Known by her Instagram handle ‘Yogasini’ where she has 619K followers, Radhika Bose is a noted figure in the fitness industry. She started yoga with her immense love for it and she soon became famous. She is not just limited to yoga but trains individuals in overall health and fitness. She is also a TEDx speaker. Her Instagram account is a fun place where she makes innovative and hilarious content through reels. 

Exercise is a crucial element that every individual should add to their day-to-day life. With immense benefits, exercise can be transformational and life-changing. Do not wait for another 1st or another Monday and start your journey this National Exercise Day.