Myntra, in collaboration with Meta and Gupshup, is setting the stage for its 17th Birthday celebration with a unique and engaging emoji campaign on WhatsApp. This campaign serves as a prelude to the much-anticipated Myntra Birthday Blast, scheduled to unfold from March 1-7.

Engaging Experience for Users

Exclusively available to Myntra users on March 1st and 2nd, the campaign promises an interactive and personalised experience. Participants are invited to embark on a digital treasure hunt, where they must decipher hidden emojis to unlock Myntra’s official cheat sheet, granting them access to exclusive offers during the Birthday Blast.

Chatbot Interaction

Powered by Myntra’s official WhatsApp account, the campaign unfolds through dynamic interactions with the Myntra chatbot. Users receive challenges prompting them to identify a concealed emoji linked to birthday celebrations. Upon successful identification, participants become eligible to receive a return gift, subject to the campaign’s terms and conditions.

Myntra Celebrates it's 17th birthday with Emoji campaign on WhatsApp

Reward System and Personalisation

Upon completion of the challenge, customers are rewarded with the cheat sheet, providing them with a comprehensive overview of the price points available during the Birthday Blast. Additionally, Myntra ensures a personalised touch by tailoring selections and offers to match the preferences of each user. 

Categorised Emojis

To enhance user experience, Myntra has meticulously categorised emojis based on different shopping categories. This strategic approach ensures that users receive tailored responses aligned with their preferences, facilitating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

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Reminder Feature

Recognising the importance of keeping users informed, Myntra integrates a reminder feature into the campaign. Users have the option to opt-in for reminders, ensuring they stay updated on the latest offers and events throughout the Myntra Birthday Blast.

Myntra Celebrates it's 17th birthday with Emoji campaign on WhatsApp


Myntra’s emoji campaign on WhatsApp epitomises innovation and customer-centricity, offering users a delightful blend of interactivity, personalisation, and exclusivity. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, Myntra is redefining traditional marketing approaches and setting new benchmarks for engaging with its audience.