Muhammed Riswan, hailing from the town of Malappuram in Kerala, has swiftly risen to prominence as a freestyle football sensation. With an impressive social media following of 838k on Instagram, Riswan has become a digital star in the world of freestyle football, captivating audiences with his exceptional skills. A video of his kicking his football against the waterfalls has catapulted him into fame and has been the most viewed reel on Instagram as of now.

Muhammed Riswan- footballer wins the title of most viewed reel on Instagram

Early Journey and Introduction to Freestyling

Riswan’s journey into the world of freestyling began three years ago, purely learning through videos and tutorials he discovered on YouTube and other social media platforms. His dedication and passion for the sport quickly gained attention, leading him to amass over half a million followers on Instagram.

Social Media Stardom

As a freestyler, Riswan has not only showcased his skills on the football field but has also used the power of social media to share his talent with the world. His Instagram account has become a hub for football enthusiasts, and his creative reels regularly attract an impressive one-plus million views.

Breakthrough: The Most-Viewed Reel Feat

One of the standout moments in Riswan’s social media journey is the extraordinary success of his latest reel. Uploaded just 20 days ago, this 30-second video features Riswan kicking a football against the backdrop of a waterfall. The video, capturing the ball’s rebound against the rocks, unexpectedly went viral, accumulating over 490 million views as of now.

Unprecedented Achievement

This record-breaking reel has catapulted Riswan into the limelight, making the video the most-viewed on Instagram. Surpassing top contenders like ‘Learn from Khaby‘ and ‘Not all kids are fun,’ Riswan’s video now stands among the top viewed videos on Instagram highlighting his exceptional talent and the global appeal of his freestyling skills.

The Viral Video Story

Riswan’s creative choice to incorporate a scenic waterfall into his freestyling routine was a stroke of genius. The initial fear of losing the ball against the waterfall turned into sheer amazement as the video gained momentum, capturing the attention of millions worldwide.

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Dedication and Family Support

Riswan’s success is not only a result of his talent but also proof of his dedication. Taking a year-long break after higher secondary education to focus on improving his freestyling skills, Riswan has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his passion.

Throughout his journey, his family, including his father Abdul Majeed, mother Mymoona P T, brothers Rifan and Muhasin, and sister Irfana Thasni, have been his biggest supporters.

The Future of Freestyle Football

As Muhammad Riswan continues to shine on social media platforms, his journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring freestylers worldwide. His record-breaking reel has solidified his position as a social media star and opened new doors for the future of freestyle football. Riswan’s story reminds us of the power of talent, dedication, and the global reach of social media in shaping careers.