It’s raining rings! Hallelujah! We’ve got into a musical mood since we saw another couple seal the deal with a ring. Over the weekend the adorable duo Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik took to Instagram to share the news of their Engagement with a series of beautiful pictures. Not to brag or anything but we’ve seen the images a thousand times already and yet our heart cannot get enough of it. These photos are not mere images but a declaration of their love and fondness towards each other. 

Mridul Sharma And Aditya Naik Proposal


What did they wear?

Both Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik opted for relaxed outfits making the moment feel more honest. Mridul truly looked like a dream in a breezy blue dress, reminding us so much of Jasmine from Aladdin. She paired the dress with minimalistic golden hoops and a delicate chain around her neck. We also have a big big crush on Mridul’s chrome nails that looked flawless.

Mridul sharma and Aditya Naik dreamy proposal


Like they say for every dressed-up woman, there is an underdressed man. Well, this seemed to be the case with Aditya and Mridul too. JK. Aditya paired a comfortable white cotton shirt with a beige trousers but the love he held in his eyes for Mridul, surpassed everything else. His gleaming smile was a testament to how important the moment and Mridul were for him.

The gorgeous ring 

Let’s get to the star of the party. The ring which Mridul donned was nothing short of magic. The huge blue sapphire stone shone brighter than the brightest stars and looked mesmerising on Mridul’s finger. It was truly made only for her! The delicate design of the ring is the personification of contemporary design and is sure to set some new trends in jewellery.

Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik proposal ring

The perfect setting

Just like the couple, the proposal setting was perfect too. Set in the romantic town of Naples in Italy, the location seemed like a painting. The secluded corner of the city brought with it so much peace that we could feel it through the photos. The setting sun along with a cotton candy sky were surely some paid actors who were called to make this moment extraordinary. To further add to the aesthetics, the Sarno River looked extremely stunning in the background while reflecting the city lights. 

Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik proposal destination


With the sun above, the river behind and the love around, Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik made a promise of forever. We liked how Aditya instead of picking the usual Roses, opted for the blooming Sunflowers that looked extremely beautiful in the pictures. Mridul also used the sunflower emoticon to disclose the date of her proposal, signifying the significance of the flower. 

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Wishes from contemporaries

Ever since Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik shared the news, there has been a roaring excitement about it. The proposal post has more than 132K likes as of now and many content creators and celebrities congratulated the couple through the post. Gopali Tiwari and Aashi Adani showed their excitement, while it was a total surprise to a few. ThatQuirkyMiss fame Aditi Shrestha and Ashi Khanna were pleasantly surprised at the news. A few were also relieved that Mridul and Aditya finally disclosed their secrets and the friends could now share the details freely with the world. 

Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik receive wishes for proposal

Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik

Mridul Sharma is a content creator who creates content around fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her artistic feed looks like a mood board on Pinterest and showcases the amount of hard work she puts into it. Her Amazon finds series is extremely interesting and we can vouch for it. Her Goa recommendations are our absolute favourite too and we cannot wait to try them on our next trip to Goa.

Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik beautiful proposal


Aditya Naik on the other hand is more of a private person. An established entrepreneur, he is the co-founder of various ventures including, Simbaa Lifestyle, Skionn Apparels and The Happy Place Villas.

Seeing Mridul Sharma and Aditya Naik together has strengthened our belief in love all over again. Their ear-to-ear smiles are proof of their love. We only wish the best for their couple and hope their life forward is as enchanting as their proposal.