Lights, camera, catastrophe! In the annals of cinema history, there exists a peculiar phenomenon where high-budget films, armed with all the glitz and glamour, stumble upon an unexpected detour. Yes, dear readers, we’re diving headfirst into the realm of a disastrous movie experience, Adipurush, where a grandiose production, bursting with potential, transforms into a full-blown meme fest. While it claimed to retell the beloved Ramayana to the young generation, its terrible dialogues were not even supported by ardent followers. We however love the flood of memes it has brought with itself. Stay with us, while we share our favourite memes on the internet.

Adipurush- From a blunder to a meme fest

Fawzan Khan

The Blockbuster Dream 

Adipurush’s tale begins with a visionary filmmaker armed with an astronomical budget of 600 crores, backed by big-name actors, such as Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon and bursting with confidence in the popularity of Ramayana. The buzz surrounding the project is deafening, as trailers ignite anticipation among eager audiences. The stage is set for an epic cinematic experience. The anticipation reaches a crescendo as the film hits theatres.

The blunder of Adipurush has pushed everybody into the Meme well

Cine Josh

The Dramatic Downfall

Alas, all the budget in the world cannot save a movie from poor craft. As soon as the opening credits roll where a large chunk of Ramayan is winded up in a jiffy, the audience realises they are in for a bumpy ride. Soon, the dialogues became unintentionally hilarious, leaving the audience wide-eyed. A period drama suddenly becomes the catalogue of the latest haircuts and stylish tattoos.

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Adipurush blunders tarnish actors and make them meme worthy


After severe backlash for distorting the epic, the writers of the film have decided to revise certain controversial dialogues. This is surely one of the few times such a thing has happened, especially, after the release of a film.

The Birth of Memes 

As the film’s reputation sinks, the internet takes the baton and runs with it. In a matter of hours, the scenes that were intended to evoke awe and emotion become the food for merciless ridicule. Meme creators have a field day, slicing and dicing the film’s most cringe-worthy moments into bite-sized morsels of hilarity. Poorly written lines have now become catchphrases, dissected and mocked. The movie becomes less of a cinematic experience and more of a buffet of comedic gold.

Since sharing is caring, we will share some of our favourite memes to better your day. 

The blunders and meme of Adipurush with go down in history


In the realm of cinema, the road to success is paved with creative storytelling, engaging characters, and a sprinkle of cinematic magic. Our high-budget film, unfortunately, veered off course, succumbing to the pitfalls of bad dialogues, and unbelievability. Yet, even in its failure, it managed to entertain audiences in an unintended way—by birthing a meme fest of epic proportions. So let this be a cautionary tale to all aspiring filmmakers: No matter how much money you throw at a production, without authenticity and thorough research, you might end up being the unwitting star of the next viral sensation.