Hey, fashionistas! The Met Gala 2024 is sure wrapped up, but the dazzling debut of the entrepreneur/philanthropist Mona Patel is still engraved on our minds. Isn’t it? She is the icon who lived every girl’s dream of walking the Met carpet in an immaculately crafted dress and instantaneously took the internet by storm. If you are not aware of everything surrounding the mystery girl’s appearance and the Met Gala 2024, here’s everything quicksplained.

Mona Patel in her luxurious Met Gala 2024 dress


Met Gala 2024’s Most Talked About Look

The Met Gala 2024 embraced the Costume Institute’s latest exhibition under the enchanting theme of “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Attendees were tasked with interpreting the dress code, “The Garden of Time,” as they mingled among approximately 250 extraordinary pieces that were plucked from the Costume Institute’s coveted collection.

One of the most captivating looks ever was donned by Mona Patel, the Indian CEO, who made a buzz with her appearance at the Met. Styled by one of the most prolific names in the fashion industry, Law Roach, Patel left the onlookers feeling awe-inspired by her stunning nude gown, which perfectly aligned with the Gala’s dress code.

Entrepreneur Mona Patel slaying her beautiful trailing train


She wore a captivating gown in a calming oatmeal hue, hugging her figure and flowing gracefully around her ankles. Her ensemble, featuring a charming scooped cut-out and an intricate butterfly-shaped corset, bewitched onlookers with its mesmerizing charm. As she moved, the kinetic butterflies wrapped around her arms danced in slow motion, further enhancing the enchantment of her appearance.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue India, Patel said, “I wanted my debut look to be something that celebrates my heritage and also combines my love: couture, and when I heard of the theme, Iris Van Herpen seemed like the obvious choice.” Both Roach and Patel travelled to India in March to lay the groundwork for her bespoke Iris Van Herpen gown. Their Met Gala preparations took them to a factory in Mumbai, where they met with members of the Iris Van Herpen team, followed by a tour across the town to handpick red carpet-worthy jewels to put together her iconic ensemble.

A photo of Mona Patel in her photoshoot in her Met Gala outfit


With a look as stunning as hers, she definitely engraved a spot in everyone’s hearts. However, the Met Gala 2024 was not the first time she appeared in the public eye. Read more to learn everything you might not know about Mona Patel.

The Impressive Life of Mona

Mona Patel is an Indian born in Vadodra, Gujarat. She moved to the US to pursue her higher education at Rutgers University and settled there in 2003 to establish herself as an entrepreneur. Over time, she built a million-dollar empire encompassing multiple businesses. Central to this success is Couture for Cause, her brainchild—a nonprofit merging her passion for fashion with philanthropy to support important causes. Patel has raised substantial funds through unique couture auctions, often contributing pieces from her personal collection. Recognised as a Forbes Next 1000 honoree, she is also celebrated for her health-tech startup, radXai. One of the most remarkable things about Mona is her fashion sense. That’s right, there is more to this entrepreneur than her success at the Met Gala 2024.

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Fashion Beyond the Met

We couldn’t stop ourselves from scrolling through her Instagram, and, well, there’s no regret in stalking the diva. She is truly a style icon, and it is quite evident from her glamorous Instagram feed. Here are a few looks we can’t get enough of:


A Dolce Gabbana look we didn’t know we needed. Her diamond-studded dress and her fiery pose are everything we needed to be stunned by.

Mona Patel making heads turn in her studded Dolce Gabbana dress


The Birthday Queen

She makes jaws drop in every look she carries. Her glamorous birthday look is a scene-stealer every girl dreams of.

A photo of Mona Patel from her birthday celebrations


The Enchanting Princess

This masterpiece look by Ralph Lauren is what left us in awe of her fashion sense. She embraces tradition, her outfit screams culture, and everything about this shoot is just mind blowingly beautiful.

A photo of Mona Patel dressed in a Ralph Lauren outfit for a shoot with her mother


The Fearless Lioness

Dressed in a fiery red dress that is complemented by immaculately crafted jewellery pieces, this look is sure to catch your eye. We love it!

Mona Patel embracing the queen energy with a lion's cub


Whether we’re discussing her Met Gala 2024 ensemble or perusing the sea of stylish photos on her Instagram, one thing is certain: when Mona Patel is in her element, she fully commits to her fashion game, leaving no crumbs behind. What do you have to say about Mona’s look?