Giving creators multiple options via comments and reactions to directly engage with their listeners on the platform, Facebook has laid down steps for a seamless process to add podcasts.

In order to grow creators-led audio content through a social experience that drives discovery and fandom, Facebook is sharing avenues for them to distribute their episodes to listeners, and then turn them into fans through direct connections. According to the social media giant, with podcasts on Facebook, they can easily reach, develop and retain an audience with your podcast content – all within one app.

The app is also providing features to get feedback on the content or share experiences for more authentic, meaningful conversations for:

  • Reach new listeners in a simple way- Get discovered by people whose interests align with your content
  • Engage directly with your fans- Forge social connections to build your fanbase
  • Streamline your growth- Reach fans, build community and expand your audience – all within the same platform

How to add your podcast to your Facebook Page

To add your podcast to your Page from desktop:

  1. Select your Page and access podcasts from Page Settings in classic view or from Manage Your Page in the new Pages experience.
  2. In either view, click Podcasts.
  3. Click the Add podcast button.
  4. Enter your public podcast RSS feed and click Add.

When you add your podcast to your Page using your public podcast RSS feed, people can listen to, discuss and share your episodes directly on Facebook.

These are instructions for adding your podcast to your Page from your desktop. If you’re looking for how to add your podcast on mobile, click here.

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According to Facebook, the RSS feed is provided by your podcast hosting platform and used to distribute new episodes to subscribers. Moreover, when you add your RSS feed to your page, listeners can stream your podcast directly on Facebook from wherever you host it. Additionally, the app currently does not support private RSS feeds.

Podcasts are currently available to US listeners on mobile only. Page admins of podcasts added to Facebook can listen to their own podcasts regardless of location.

*At this time, listenership is only available in the US and on mobile.