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To celebrate the epoch of love, McDonald’s India – West & South has come up with a very cool way of celebrating it. Over the years, McDonald’s has celebrated this special day in all the unique ways it can. This campaign aims to highlight the role of Cupids in a relationship.

The #2plus1 campaign was launched with a series of posts, a unique and meaningful way of celebrating love indeed. The creatives talk about how you can share your story thanking your cupid this Valentine’s. To give a gist the celebration of Cupids is nothing but a way of expressing gratitude to that one person who helps a couple get together.

Valentine’s is an opportunity for the couples to talk about how they’ve met, what’s their story so on and so forth. This year McDonald’s urges their customers to the cupid know the important part they’ve played in their story. Well, the cupid can be literally anyone from your tuition teacher who accidentally asked you guys to sit together to that boring manager in your office presentation.

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To celebrate the cupids this Valentine’s McDonald’s will be sending a coffee to the cupids. This being an influencer-led campaign on Social Media, here are some of the creators who played an integral part to shape the story.

Shiwangi and Rohit

The duo made a video wherein they answer a set of questions about their cupid while sipping a hot cup of McCafe. We love how their cupid is featured in the video and the love story too. They are seen encouraging all the couples to come forward and live the love story all over again.

Tanaya and Suraj

Answering the questions and being quirky and candid, Tanaya and Suraj are a very adorable couple. From meeting on a dating app to being the perfect match for each other, these two absolutely steal our hearts away.

Kautuka and Aditya

We are in awe of this amazing couple and their representation of this relationship. Their family playing the cupid in this relationship makes it perfect.