Fast food giant McDonald’s has kickstarted an innovative marketing campaign that embraces anime culture, catering to the growing popularity of the genre among Gen Z consumers. Amidst the new campaign, the popular chain found itself in the spotlight recently, facing regulatory scrutiny from the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over allegations of deceptive practices at one of its outlets in Ahmednagar

McDonald's Faces FDA scrutiny over using cheese substitute

McDonald’s Under FDA Scrutiny

The Maharashtra FDA has accused McDonald’s of misleading customers by using substitutes instead of real cheese in its burgers and nuggets. This revelation led to the suspension of the outlet’s license, stating concerns regarding transparency and non-adherence to regulations in the food industry. Despite the brands denial of using cheese substitutes, the FDA remains vigilant, considering the possibility of similar deceptive practices in other fast-food chains.

FDA takes action against McDonald's over fraud

Expanding Probe and Response from McDonald’s

FDA Commissioner Abhimanyu Kale speaking to the Times of India, has expressed intentions to extend the probe to other fast-food chains in the region to ensure compliance with regulations. McDonald’s, has responded to the authorities that it has replaced “cheese” with “veg” and on the other hand, has assured customers of its commitment to using only real, quality cheese in its products.

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McDonald’s Embraces Anime Culture

In a strategic move to connect with its target demographic, McDonald’s is launching an anime-themed marketing campaign. This innovative initiative features a specially curated menu inspired by manga and anime culture, including unique items like Savory Chili WcDonald’s sauce and 10-piece WcNuggets. The availability of these food items in India has not been made clear yet and will be updated in the coming days. 

As McDonald’s navigates the challenges posed by regulatory scrutiny from the Maharashtra FDA, in these developments underscore the complexities and opportunities facing multinational corporations in today’s competitive market. As the matter continues to unfold at a national level, it is essential for a fast food chain of it’s size to be more transparent with the labelling of its food items.