Knock Knock! Look who has some “sensational” news to share!  It’s none other than the #beautyboss – Maybelline India.

Maybelline India recently hosted the launch party for their latest Super Stay Vinyl Ink which is transfer-proof and can stay as fresh as a daisy throughout the day. This beauty product is available in 8 beautiful shades as well.

Their hashtag ShakeSwipeGo truly describes the product in a nutshell and by the initial look of it, we are all in!

Hold your horses as Maybelline is not done yet.

Maybelline takes the game a notch higher

At the launch party, Maybelline introduced its new faces and the squad had not 1 or 2 but 4 powerful women from different walks of life. They may be “fresh” for Maybelline India but they have created a mark for themselves in their respective fields.

The Soulful Sensation

Ananya Birla is no new name. Even though she comes from one of the oldest business families, she has created a niche for herself. Her voice is her identity and her work reeks of excellence. Her social media game is absolutely on point and she keeps her fans updated through it all.

She is now the face of Maybelline India and we can’t wait for her to shine.

The Future of Bollywood

The pressure of being related to one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood is no joke, but Suhana Khan holds herself up with the utmost grace. Her fashion game is impeccable, her demeanour is exemplary and she is already a favourite of the paparazzi. She has made quite a stir as she is about to start her acting career.

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She truly represents the GenZs and is sure to revolutionise the beauty tycoon, Maybelline.

The Champion

Another addition to the Maybelline fam, is the Champion, the master and one of the most successful sportspersons in India, P.V. Sindhu. Her reputation definitely precedes her name and no words can suffice for her contribution to India. 

Though she could not make it to the event, her video was enough to make her presence felt within Maybelline.

The good cop

Call her a police officer, call her a supermodel, call her a boxer or you can call her a biker too. Sikkim’s Eksha Hangma Subba is breaking stereotypes, one day each. She is fierce, she is daring and she is the perfect example of a modern woman.

This embodiment of empowerment truly represents the spirit of Maybelline New York- India.

All these gorgeous women in bold colours made a statement in every sense of the word and represented the future of the beauty industry. To be associated with one of the top-most beauty brands is an achievement in itself but the “sensational squad” with their very first impression is proving their merit. 

Stay tuned as we share many such updates!