In a bold move that fuses beauty and technology, L’Oreal’s renowned cosmetics brand, Maybelline New York, has teamed up with tech giant Microsoft to introduce a groundbreaking concept to the world of video conferencing. Enter the era of virtual makeup, a trend-setting endeavour that enhances appearances during Microsoft Teams calls.

The integration of Maybelline’s expertise in cosmetics and Microsoft’s prowess in technology has birthed a novel tool aimed at revolutionising video call experiences. This pioneering partnership unveils the Maybelline Beauty App within the Microsoft Teams platform, tailored to cater to the demands of hybrid work settings. The app empowers users to refine their personal appearances before virtual meetings, positioning Maybelline at the forefront of the digital makeup revolution.

Contrary to a mere cosmetic filter, the Maybelline Beauty App offers users a comprehensive suite of options, deftly developed through collaborations with Modiface AI and the Geena Davis Institute. This remarkable initiative is more than a visual enhancement; it represents a technological leap that empowers users to confidently adapt their personal style in the digital era.

The app boasts an array of 12 distinct makeup styles that cater to individual preferences, allowing users to select their desired look effortlessly. Underlying this innovation is Modiface’s advanced AI technology, which deftly captures over 70 facial points, creating a virtual map for the seamless application of digital filters. Users can opt for a variety of makeup hues, and blurring effects, and even experiment with different hair colours and styles. The virtual makeup transformations can be previewed and applied prior to joining a Teams call, ensuring that users step into their virtual meetings exuding confidence and style.

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Zeenia Bastani, General Manager of Maybelline New York & NYX Professional Makeup, highlighted the convergence of physical and virtual realms. She stated, “Our consumer lives in both realms—what she calls ‘IRL’ or in real life, and the virtual space for work and other activities. Naturally, blending these two spheres is something we, as a brand, take into account.” This sentiment underscores Maybelline’s commitment to empowering individuals in expressing their unique beauty across all dimensions of their lives.

Maybelline Virtual makeup


Maybelline’s AI-driven app offers real-time makeup effects, providing users with the unprecedented opportunity to visualise themselves donning various makeup styles, hairstyles, and hair colours. This innovation isn’t merely a marketing ploy; it’s a testament to the seamless fusion of beauty and technology. Zeenia Bastani emphasised, “On our platform, Modiface empowers users to experiment with different makeup styles, ultimately elevating the overall user experience.”

The significance of this partnership extends beyond the realm of cosmetics and technology. It represents a strategic transition from virtual try-on tools commonly found on e-commerce platforms to an integral part of users’ daily lives. While virtual makeup trials have been prevalent, Maybelline’s approach stands out by offering users an immersive experience that transcends the confines of online shopping.

While the virtual makeup trend has gained momentum globally, it is steadily making its mark in India as well. Bastani affirms, “Certainly, digital makeup and virtual beauty tools are gaining popularity worldwide. The trend of digital makeup apps and tools is beginning to surface in India.” This underscores the growing influence of technology in various sectors, including beauty and fashion.

Virtual makeup in Teams meeting by Maybelline

While AI technology augments the beauty industry’s offerings, the authenticity of brands remains paramount. Bastani emphasises this aspect, stating, “Our objective is to maintain authenticity throughout this endeavour.” This transparency ensures that the application of technology remains aligned with the brand’s core values.

As the digital makeup movement gains traction, the role of beauty influencers remains pivotal. Bastani acknowledges their significance in shaping trends and influencing consumer choices. She believes that in India, endorsements from trusted individuals continue to wield substantial influence. “As a society, recommendations from friends, family, dermatologists, makeup artists, and others are crucial in the realm of beauty products,” Bastani confirms.

In a world where beauty and technology converge, Maybelline’s collaboration with Microsoft Teams transcends the cosmetic, offering users a unique avenue for self-expression and empowerment. This innovative stride stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnerships that bridge industries, opening doors to a new era of video calls that blend style, confidence, and technology.