We Indians love two things the most- celebrations and food, so we did the smartest thing on Earth. We combined food and festivals to get the best of both worlds. Every Indian festival has its set of dishes that are prepared during the festival time. As Eid is just around the corner, we thought why not get on a gastronomical ride, the Eid special way?!

Eid marks the end of one month of fasting in the month of Ramzan. It is celebrated majorly by the Muslim community but people from other sections also join the celebrations along with their Muslim friends.

Whether or not you’re invited to a lavish spread at an Iftar party, you don’t really have to miss gorging on yummy food. We have made a list of Instagram creators who have come up with Eid special recipes to satiate your cravings.

  • The first on the list is UK-based content creator, Anisa who goes by the Instagram name anisagrams. Her work is recognised and she is an award-winning content creator. Anisa has an entire book of masterchef level recipes for the Ramzan month, titled “The Ramadan Cookbook.” Along with this she also has a charity appeal running where one can contribute as little as £1 to help somebody break their fast. Anisa has given a modern twist to many Eid recipes and her Eid special series is live on Instagram. 
  • Mazadaar is our inspiration from across the border. A mother, who loved to cook, soon started her food blogging journey and documented many recipes, tips and tricks along the way. In no time she earned a following of 82k followers. She gives many global recipes, a Pakistani twist, more so a desi twist and they are all drool-worthy. She grows her own produce making sure that everything that is on the table is of good quality and fresh. Mazadaar has created an entire highlight to give us major Eid inspiration. She has a list of recipes included in the highlight, including quick snacks, adorable drinks and table decor ideas as well. If you’re hosting an Iftar party this Eid, Mazadaar should be your go-to person. 
  • Chef Kunal Kapur became a household name after he appeared on the food-based reality show “Masterchef India” and his popularity is reflected in his social media numbers. He earned significant followers on his YouTube and Instagram channels wherein he uploads recipes from time to time. Chef’s recipes are super simple to follow and leave no scope for disaster, especially for beginners. Most of his ingredients can easily be found in an Indian kitchen and just like that you can treat yourself to delicious food. Chef Kunal Kapur also has a list of recipes catering to Eid-specific menus. 

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  • Mizna Khan is an Indian-origin home cook who has been living in Germany. She is a freelance content creator who works on creating recipes that are family-centric. The name of her Instagram handle is very cool- indisch.windisch- and so we knew her food is going to be even better. Mizna also has an Eid special highlight where she has a list of ideas to blow your guest over. The recipes look delicious and easy to make food. She is famous for creating recipes that are season specific. If you’re looking for Eid inspiration, look no further as we have got your back. Scroll through Mizna’s Instagram feed and you’ll be sorted.
  • Last but definitely not least on this list is Chef Ranveer Brar. With a knack for storytelling, Chef Brar has created a separate fan base for himself. He ideates on simplifying complex recipes and gives them his very own ‘tadka.’ Featured on many food-based shows, he is loved by his audience. He was recently seen on Masterchef India’s latest season as a judge where he judged the participants on ‘taste innovation and presentation’ parameters. Chef Ranveer Brar has a range of recipes on his Instagram and YouTube channels which are loved by his significant following. He also has a few tips to make your Eid delicious.

As the end of Ramzan is nearing this season, we are left with a heavy heart because many Ramzan special delicacies will soon disappear from the market. However, with the coming of Eid, there is some solace in the fact that the real celebrations, especially the ones celebrating food are just at an arm’s distance.