The content we see each day is something that keeps us entertained and informed. The creators who keep us entertained deserve to be acknowledged and to do so, Lokmat organized a Digital Creator Awards ceremony in Mumbai yesterday.

The Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd. awards ceremony honors and recognizes digital influencers and innovators in India each year. The honors are granted to people whose online presence and content development have had a significant impact on the digital world.

Several categories, including lifestyle, beauty, gastronomy, travel, technology, education, and others are covered by the Lokmat Digital Creator Awards.

Digital artists can display their work in the awards and network with other artists in the field at the awards event. They get a great chance to network and be recognized for their efforts and originality.

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Here are the artists that won awards and hearts at Lokmat Awards.

Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli who is known as MostlySane got recognized as ‘Content Creator of the year’ at the awards. With amazing content over the internet and movies in the actress’s hat, this is just another feather added.

MC Stan

The winner of Bigg Boss season 16, won ‘Musical Sensation of the year- Rapper’.

Nikhil Sharma

Famous YouTuber and vlogger bagged the award for ‘Best Travel Vlogger’.

Munawar Faruqui

‘Most Viral Stand-up comedian’ has been Munawar with his laughter bombs for audiences online and offline.

Saisha Bhoir

A little girl, Saisha Bhoir, has won heart and the award of ‘Best KID Content Creator’.

While these are some of the people who won awards. There are other winners from the digital world as well such as Raj Shamani, Shehnaaz Gill, Orange Juice Gang, Siddharth Kannan, Masoom Minnawala, RJ Karishma and more.

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