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LinkedIn is bringing a new update by adding another way to drive external traffic, with a new modified and updated ‘link‘ sticker that a user can add to their image to their LinkedIn posts.

The link sticker can be placed wherever they like in the frame, and have different sizes available, from which users can select according to their liking and aesthetics.

As you can see in the tweet below, shared by influencer marketing analyst Geri Silver, the link sticker is similar to what is available on Instagram and Facebook Stories, providing a simple way to add another referral link to your updates.

The link sticker option will now be available in the user’s post creation tools via a dedicated chain link icon, though a user can only add links via the mobile version of the app at this stage. All users, desktop or mobile, will be able to interact with any links, however, all of LinkedIn’s that is millions of members will be able to tap through when they see them.

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It’s fairly limited, in terms of color options, but a user has access to adding links to both video and image posts, and you can also customize the text displayed based on the link.

Of course, a lot of the users are going to dislike the large text link on-screen, but the upfront awareness could help drive more clicks, while also sparking new creative approaches to your LinkedIn content.

That could be a handy new element to experiment with, as LinkedIn engagement continues to rise, it could end up being a valuable option for driving traffic from the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn adds

LinkedIn hopes that the new link sticker would be rolling out gradually, so many users might not have it yet, but if not it would be arriving soon.