The German brand Puma makes sure to bring a difference with their work but one more field where this sports brand doesn’t fail at all is – Branding and Advertising.

Puma never fails to shock customers and people on the internet and offline with their interesting campaigns. The latest ongoing campaign which is Let There Be Sport is a campaign where they have been promoting sports in everyone’s life. The brand’s most popular brand ambassadors are the cricket-bollywood couple-Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.

With different advertisements and campaigns, with them individually, Puma involved them together in this latest campaign, where they surprised people! Virat and Anushka interrupted a meeting at the coworking space and encouraged the participants with on-the-spot physical challenges for the campaign and that was not it.

With an impromptu consumer-facing event hosted by sports brand PUMA India as part of its Let There Be Sport platform, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma stunned the city. To encourage the incorporation of sports and fitness culture into daily life, the brand ambassadors paid an unexpected visit to a coworking facility and a residential complex, sparking a stir in the neighborhood.

They also visited a posh neighborhood in Bengaluru, where they impromptu paired up to play a friendly mixed doubles badminton match against two residents.

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Sport is not just a side activity and Puma is going all in with this campaign to promote this fact.

The brand has been promoting the campaign with various sports personalities like Yuvraj Singh, Sunil Chhetri, Mary Kom, Harmanpreet Kaur and more. In a raw conversation about their life and sports, the sports enthusiasts have come and talked about the challenges and what’s really important to them.

The conclave streamed the most recent 90-second digital PUMA film, which also includes regular athletes and brand ambassadors Virat, MC Mary Kom, Sunil, Avani Lekhara, and Bhagwani Devi.

In a thorough tete-a-tete with Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director of PUMA India and Southeast Asia, Virat and Anushka also covered a lot of ground regarding the value of sports and fitness as well as the need for them to be a regular part of life.

“Sports and fitness must be integrated into our culture, curriculum and everyday lives as a valuable and critical life skill. As a brand, PUMA constantly creates fresh and offbeat ways to connect, engage and inspire audiences in a deeper way. Our event today brought Virat (Kohli) and Anushka (Sharma) and consumers up, close and personal. Virat and Anushka are youth icons and their on-the-spur interactions today will create awareness and encourage people of all ages to take up sports and fitness.

As a leading sports brand in the country, it is our responsibility to create a purpose-driven platform such as Let There Be Sport to further the development of sports and fitness culture that India has witnessed in the last 5-10 years. We have received a great response for the initiative so far and we hope to achieve our goal of building a fit India.”, said Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director, PUMA India and Southeast Asia, said. 

Virat Kohli said on the occasion, “Sports has to be an integral part of everyone’s life. I’m glad that PUMA recognized the need and came forward wholeheartedly to highlight the importance of making it essential just like other necessities. It was great fun taking time out from our schedules to interact with locals and crashing a meeting at the co-working space to get employees to do fitness challenges. I hope many will be motivated and inspired today and take up sports and fitness as a life skill.”

Anushka who has been associated with the brand for some time now mentioned, “PUMA’s Let There Be Sport campaign was the need of the hour. There should be equal importance given to sports in schools and colleges because pursuing sports at a young age will keep you fit in the longer run. It was wonderful taking up these fitness challenges and interacting with the people of Bengaluru where I have spent a significant amount of my growing years. I also thoroughly enjoyed playing a spontaneous badminton match with Virat and the residents today.”

After an exclusive study with Nielsen Sports demonstrated India’s lack of motivation and involvement in sports and fitness, PUMA India established the platform Let There Be Sport. Let There Be Sport challenges the widespread belief that sports are a distraction from academics and advocates for including athletics as a vital life skill in the core curriculum rather than only as an extracurricular activity.