Instagram Reels are a great way to engage with your audience and boost your business. Not only that, it’s fun too! Rolling on with the current trends and making videos are the happy quotient for creators. Isn’t it so? So, without any further ado let’s have a glance at three tips shared by Instagram for Business to create engaging reels!

Let’s decode the three tips for better understanding!

Add Music That Matches Your Content

To create the right vibe, it’s important to add music that goes with your content. Remember, engaging reels are based on great content and of course music!

Make Seamless Transitions with The Align Tool

Whenever there are transitions involved, the audience will just dive in! Trust me, it works. To make transitions smoother, use Instagram’s align tool. You just need to line up your previous clips before recording the next one and boom! You’re all set!

Add Text to Make Your Reel More Accessible

Adding text is the easiest and direct way to make the audience understand what your content is about. It always catches attention and makes your content more accessible.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

These were the three major tips that you can easily try out if you haven’t so far. Now, make more engaging reels and always be in the limelight! Don’t worry about the consequences without trying. Who knows lady luck will be shining on your reels soon? So, apply these tips and broaden your engagement!