Sports and entertainment is the ultimate crossover event where the thrill of competition meets the dazzle of showmanship. In recent years, social media has become an integral part of marketing strategies for various industries, including sports. Leveraging the power of memes, even prestigious events like Wimbledon have recognized the value of engaging with audiences in a fun and relatable way. To catch the attention of the Indian audiences Wimbledon has been going the extra mile by creating surprising posts. This time, Wimbledon unleashed the power of Naatu Naatu for its Indian fans. Larissa also will be attending the game with her father.

Wimbledon’s Twitter Craze

Wimbledon’s craze for Twitter has taken the tournament and its fans by surprise! Twitter has become the go-to platform for Wimbledon to share real-time updates, instant reactions, and engaging conversations, making it a perfect fit for the fast-paced nature of its matches.

One of the highlights of Wimbledon’s Twitter presence is its knack for creating shareable content. The tournament produces captivating visuals, short videos, and memes that capture the essence of the matches. These eye-catching elements are easily shareable, allowing fans to spread excitement and engage in conversations with like-minded people.

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The Naatu Naatu craze

RRR’s Naatu Naatu song craze following its Olympic victory is only multiplying every passing day. Beyond being a musical maestro, the song now signifies a thrilling and celebratory experience. From award shows to weddings across the country, Naatu Naatu is finding its place in all places. Wimbledon did not turn a blind eye to this and decided to use its power to lure Indian audiences.

Larissa and Naatu Naatu on Wimbledon

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The Naatu Naatu tweet

Wimbledon used Global tennis stars, such as Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic to create a special Naatu Naatu poster featuring them on Twitter. This poster not only highlights the players’ achievements, their journey, and their determination to conquer the tennis world, but it also pays homage to the Oscar-winning Naatu Naatu song from RRR. Both top players are seen recreating the Naatu Naatu step. Though the image was generated using AI, nonetheless it was heartwarming, especially for Indians. This collaboration has also helped fans connect with their favourite players on a deeper level and further enhance the Indian audience’s interest in Wimbledon.

The Predecessor

Prior to the Naatu Naatu post, Wimbledon also featured the popular Kerala Boat ride showcasing the tournament’s iconic players. The poster was strategically posted on Wimbledon’s official Twitter account and generated curiosity and excitement among Indian fans. The combination of Wimbledon’s prestigious players with the epic heritage of India created a captivating fusion.

Larissa Goes To Wimbledon 

Another event that has drawn additional attention to Wimbledon is social media’s favourite Larrisa. Both Larrisa and her father have been Tennis fans for many many years now. Through an Instagram post, Larissa announced her trip to Wimbledon along with her father. In the heartwarming post, the happiness is both overwhelming and heartfelt. This surely has contributed to Wimbledon’s craze for the Indians. 

By incorporating memes into its social media marketing efforts, Wimbledon has effectively captured the attention of a broader audience, spark conversations, and inject a fresh dose of humour into the world of tennis. Additionally, seeing Larrisa and her Father’s excitement has also added to the craze. It is both a delightful and unexpected way to promote the games and engage with fans, all while staying relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.