NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch carried out the third edition of their digital talent hunt to find the next top influencer. Marking the occasion, NIVEA hosted an exclusive event in Mumbai to celebrate 60 new winners and what an evening that was! We attended this star-studded evening and witnessed the winning girls meet their dream mentors a.k.a the coolest influencers – the DamnFam members Manav ChhabraUnnati MalharkarAshi KhannaTanzeel KhanRishabh Chawlaand Anam Darbar. From the most gorgeous set-up to the interactive session the creators had with the select winners, it was a night to remember!

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The Social Nation team asked the stellar set of influencers about their experience as a Mentor and some additional tips that can help budding creators. Read on to know more.

Manav, what has your mentorship journey taught you as a mentor?

My mentorship journey has been a remarkable experience, and it has taught me valuable lessons. When I began my journey in content creation, it wasn’t a recognized profession, and I never envisioned leaving my law career to pursue content creation full-time. I simply followed my passion as a hobby, never thinking about monetization or a full-time job in content creation. I didn’t have any mentors or industry connections to consult when I started. Through NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch, I had the opportunity to share the tricks of the trade I’ve picked up and the challenges I faced along the way, helping the participants create engaging content. It’s important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula in content creation. Success comes from dedication, drive and the willingness to create something new every day.

One of the most interesting aspects of mentorship is that it’s a two-way street. While I started with the intention of guiding these talented individuals, I quickly realized that I was gaining just as much from the process. I learned to actively listen, ask insightful questions, provide constructive feedback and continuously try new things. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I’m grateful to NIVEA for this opportunity.

Since you are the mentor of the Berry Fashionista Tribe, what are the 3 fashion trends you are in love with?

I’m thrilled to be the mentor of the Berry Fashionista Tribe because I’m genuinely passionate about fashion. Fashion, for me, isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. I find joy in experimenting with unique and unconventional combinations to create striking looks. Sharing this passion with the Berry Fashionista Tribe has been an absolute delight.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, there are three trends that I’m particularly in love with and continue to follow religiously. The first and most important one is Comfort Wear. You’ll often find me in a range of outfits, from suits to oversized t-shirts, but I always prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Striking that balance is key for me.

The second trend is not merely a passing fad; it’s a movement that I believe is here to stay – Sustainable Fashion. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good and being environmentally conscious. This trend aligns with my values, and I’m committed to promoting sustainability in fashion.

Lastly, I’m fascinated by Indo-Western fits. These outfits skilfully blend elements of traditional Indian attire, such as sherwanis and kurtas, with modern cuts, western tailoring techniques, and a mix of fabrics. They retain traditional embroidery, motifs and design elements, resulting in a unique fusion. If it happens to be a black outfit, it’s already a winner in my book…

Unnati, from when you started to today being a mentor, what has the journey been like?

I never thought I would become a content creator. My true passion has always been dancing, and I was part of the Shiamak Davar Dance Academy, where I could immerse myself in my love for dance. Content creation came into my life a bit later, but I love every bit of this journey! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I started creating content as a hobby because I genuinely enjoy being in front of the camera and expressing my authentic self. Since those initial steps, I’ve never looked back.

Of course, like any creative journey, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges. There have been creative blocks, moments of self-doubt, and the quest to find my ‘niche.’ However, through it all, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t need to confine myself to just one niche. I can create content around fashion, beauty, dance, or travel while staying true to myself. I’ve learned so much along the way, and this journey is a continuous uphill climb, but I’m eager to keep learning and growing.

With NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch, I’m incredibly grateful that people look up to us and consider us their mentors. It’s a huge responsibility, but one that I take to heart. Helping others navigate the world of content creation is a fulfilling role, and I’m excited to continue on this journey, learning and sharing with each step.

Since you have slayed the ramp walk, what is the one piece of advice you would give the new creators who dream of walking the ramp?

Honestly, looking back ten years ago, I didn’t even know that walking the ramp was a possibility. While, of course, who wouldn’t like the idea of walking down a fashion runway, it wasn’t a professional aspiration for me. It was a passion, something I loved to do. So, it wasn’t just a dream; it felt like something much bigger.

The power of social media has truly transformed the game. It’s like the world is your stage. Also, due credit goes to the designers, brands, and platforms that not only consider us but trust us enough to represent them. So, my advice would be simple- embrace the digital stage. Use social media to showcase your unique talent and connect with your audience. Be authentic, stay dedicated, and never underestimate the reach and impact your content can have. The world is watching, and your dreams are closer than you think.

Rishabh, you are known for your confidence while performing, what is the one thing to remember before going on stage so that you can give your best?

Thank you for your appreciation. Honestly, I can’t point out just one thing that people should remember but I can tell you one thing that has worked for me and that is not to stress about remembering every step or trying to memorize the routine. Instead, my approach is to simply go on stage and enjoy the performance. In my experience, it’s your mindset that shapes your performance. It’s important to believe in yourself and your abilities.
Embrace the excitement and energy that come with performing, rather than letting nervousness overpower you. So, if there’s one thing to remember, it’s to carry that positive and confident mindset onto the stage. When you do that, you not only set yourself up for a great performance but also allow yourself to truly enjoy the moment, which, in my opinion, is the heart of a memorable performance.

How has your experience been with mentoring the Nivea Fresh Face creators? And what is the one thing that you think makes them different from when you started your journey?

It was truly special and rewarding. I was the mentor for the Peppy Performers Tribe so I was basically mentoring on something I love doing the most and that is performing. These budding creators brought a refreshing and unique energy to the platform, and it was a genuine privilege to support and mentor them in their creative journeys. Their enthusiasm and passion were truly a breath of fresh air.

If I were to pinpoint one thing that makes them different from when I started my journey, it would be their unwavering passion and the access they have to a wealth of resources and knowledge. They’re more informed, resourceful, and eager to experiment with their content. This access has allowed them to progress rapidly and shine in their own distinctive ways.

While the core of content creation remains rooted in creativity and authenticity, these creators are more equipped and connected than ever before. I also feel they’ve started on their creative journeys at an opportune time. While the competition in the digital space is undoubtedly intense, the beauty of today’s landscape is that there’s a niche for everyone. Brands and platforms have evolved to embrace and support creators, providing a platform and voices to flourish.

Ashi, with so much makeup and beauty content around how did you mentor the NIVEA Beauties Tribe to ensure they don’t lose their originality?

Oh yes, I completely agree that social media is cluttered with makeup and beauty content, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. So, firstly, I emphasized the importance of embracing unique personalities and perspectives. I encouraged each member to recognize their distinct strengths and characteristics. But we can still do so much more.

Creating versatile content was key. We explored different aspects of beauty, from skincare routines to makeup looks and even self-care practices. By diversifying our content, we kept it fresh and exciting, allowing each member to shine in their preferred areas. NIVEA, at its core, stands for care, and I reminded the tribe to align their content with these values. It’s essential to maintain the brand’s authenticity while creating their own.

The Beauty space is ever-evolving so I stressed the significance of staying informed about the latest trends and techniques. At the same time, I encouraged the tribe to experiment and bring fresh ideas to their content. Being open to innovation and adaptation is vital in staying relevant.

What are the 3 takeaways from your mentorship journey?

Firstly, I want to highlight that this is my second year of being associated with NIVEA for NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch. Last year, I had the opportunity to conduct a content-creation workshop and engage in meet and greet sessions with the winners. This year, I took on the role of a mentor, and I’ve been part of this incredible journey from its very beginning. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this initiative and platform provided by NIVEA.

So, when it comes to the three takeaways from my mentorship journey, first one is the learning. The entire journey has been a constant learning experience for me as well. From the latest trends in content creation to understanding the evolving needs of the audience, staying updated and adaptable is crucial in this dynamic digital landscape. Every content creator has a unique voice and perspective to offer.

I’ve learned that it’s essential to encourage and support each mentee in finding and embracing their distinct style and creative identity. Through this journey, I’ve also seen the value of setting clear goals and creating actionable plans. And the third one- Effective communication. Effective communication forms the heart of mentorship, allowing me to convey ideas, provide feedback, and offer guidance clearly and constructively.

Anam, how was your experience of mentorship?

My experience of mentorship has been nothing short of amazing and incredibly fulfilling. I had the privilege of being a mentor for the Peppy Performers Tribe, alongside Rishabh, and I must say, both of us had an absolute blast. As someone who has a deep passion for performing and a genuine love for dance, I’ve always cherished the opportunity that social media offers to showcase my talent to the world.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been overjoyed that I could not only share my skills but also perform alongside many talented creators, actors, and dancers. For me, mentorship was all about owning that stage, even in a short 1-minute reel. It’s about making the track your own, infusing it with your unique style, and leaving a lasting impact on your audience. The experience was a fantastic blend of learning, performing, and connecting with a talented group of individuals, and I’m grateful for the chance to have been a part of it.

According to you, what are the 3 primary things that an aspiring creator should ace?

From my perspective, there are three primary things that an aspiring creator should absolutely ace. First and foremost is authenticity & creativity. Being authentic and genuine in your content is what resonates most with your audience. I think one should embrace their creativity and strive for originality. The second key element is confidence or stage/camera presence.

Confidence in what you’re creating, saying, or performing is very important. It not only showcases your belief in your work but also makes your content more engaging and appealing. Lastly, I’d say consistency is crucial. Consistency in your content delivery, whether it’s regular uploads or maintaining a consistent style, helps keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. It’s the steady effort that truly pays off in the long run.

Tanzeel, as the mentor of the Peachy Stars Tribe, what is the one advice you think the new-age creators should follow?

My advice to them would be not to measure the success of their content solely by likes and views. If you’re creating content that genuinely reflects your passion and creativity, keep going, and over time, you’ll naturally attract an audience that resonates with your authenticity. Additionally, it’s essential to keep pushing your boundaries. You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. For instance, I’ve recognized my own shyness, which used to hold me back. However, I’ve actively been working on pushing myself to overcome this limitation. So, if you’re aware of anything that’s holding you back, keep pushing yourself to overcome those barriers.

How has your experience been as a NIVEA Fresh Face mentor?

It’s been amazing! I’m happy to see this new wave of talent that the world is about to witness soon. NIVEA has truly given them the platform and that much-needed push to flourish, and I’m grateful to have played a small role in their journey. This content creation journey is an endless learning process, and that’s precisely how I’ve continued to evolve. I yet feel I have so many things to learn. These new creators are super talented; they already have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how they plan to do it. They just needed that extra nudge, and I’m glad I could provide that support.

We spoke to the Global Marketing Director NIVEA Skin Care, Sunil Gadgil regarding his insights on this new generation of influencers, their contribution to brand marketing, and NIVEA’s endeavour to break beauty barriers.

sunil gadgil nivea skin soft fresh batch 2023 marketing

In your journey of finding the best creators around the country to be the NIVEA Fresh Face, what are your observations about Gen Z?

Throughout our journey to select the NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch winners, we’ve had the opportunity to observe and interact with a remarkable pool of Gen Z creators. The group exhibit exceptional creativity, passion and a deep desire for self-expression. They aren’t afraid to push boundaries and explore new horizons. Authenticity is a cornerstone of Gen Z’s content and they prioritize being genuine, relatable and true to themselves.

What sets Gen Z apart is their inherent understanding of the digital landscape, which allows them to adapt quickly to changing trends and technologies. This also prompted us to opt for digital hunt and be present at platforms like Instagram and Moj where the Gen Z is most active on. They are keen on learning and growing – whether it’s being groomed by mentors, attending workshops or seeking guidance from industry experts.

The past three years of NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch winners has shown us that Gen Z is a dynamic and forward-thinking group of content creators. They bring fresh perspectives, strong values and an unwavering commitment to make a positive impact through their content.

How is NIVEA breaking the boundaries of beauty and promoting beauty beyond looks?

NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch represents a unique approach to beauty. Our program goes beyond traditional beauty conversations and delves into the celebration of inherent talent. At NIVEA, we are deeply rooted in the concept of care, and this initiative was launched to nurture new talent, support their creative journeys and set the stage for the next generation of content creators. NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch is a testament to our commitment to promoting beauty as a holistic concept that encompasses talent, creativity and individuality.

That was such an insightful experience both from the influencers’ point of view, as well as the brand’s. All in all, NIVEA Soft Fresh Batch is an amazing initiative and we look forward to discovering the top influencer every year.