In the dynamic landscape of entertainment and entrepreneurship, certain individuals possess the exceptional ability to transcend their primary domains and create extraordinary legacies. The legendary King, the chart-topping singe-rapper known for setting hearts ablaze with his sensational music, has taken the digital space by storm once again in the fragrance market with his brand ‘Blanko.’

The brand’s astonishing achievement of generating a staggering Rs 1 crore per month in revenue, just three months after its launch, stands as a testament to its unprecedented success. After achieving immense success as a pop star, King decided to venture into the world of fragrances. Armed with his passion for scents and a desire to create something unique, he set out to make his vision a reality.

To turn his fragrance dream into reality, King teamed up with House of X by Raj Shamani, for powerful, long-lasting formulations. This fragrance range is designed for individuals who are looking for a unique scent that is both subtle and refreshing, and his remarkable revenue undeniably validates his decision, affirming that teaming up with House of X was the right choice.

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In an interview with Forbes India, King, and Raj discussed everything, from their initial idea of launching the fragrance brand to the opportunities and challenges in the creator economy. One crucial aspect they delved into was how they planned to manage the logistics involved in running the business successfully. These logistics encompassed fulfillment and shipping, quality control, and various other critical elements.

One question that captured our attention during the interview was about the future plans for Blanko and the ambition to make its fragrances last for a remarkable 24 hours:

Q: What next for Blanko? Raj and King: The next batch of perfumes is going to have ‘time lock technology’, which no one in India has cracked till now. Our perfumes will last 24 hours on your clothes and 12 to 16 hours on your body going forward. This is a big breakthrough for us because the products are going to be better than expensive international perfumes as well.

Zaeden New Fragrance “The World of Sol” Takes Center Stage

In addition to Blanko’s extraordinary achievements, it appears that the fragrance industry is witnessing another exciting development by Zaeden, yet again, a prominent figure in the music world has ventured into the fragrance market with his brand ‘The World of Sol.’ The brand’s new fragrance line has been officially launched, and fragrance enthusiasts can explore its offerings on the website by clicking here.

With Zaeden’s creative prowess and unique artistic expression, his fragrance promises to offer a distinctive scent experience that resonates with his fans and fragrance lovers alike. As the fragrance world continues to evolve with the introduction of innovative brands like ‘The World of Sol,’ we can only anticipate a heightened sense of excitement and discovery in the domain of fragrances.

Zaeden’s fragrance line offers a diverse and stunning range of scents, featuring two distinct variants: ‘Sweet Sea‘ and ‘Mystic Voice.’ Both fragrances are carefully designed to last day and night, catering to all-day wear and beyond. Embracing a unisex appeal, they break free from conventional gender norms, providing a delightful scent experience that resonates with everyone. With their long-lasting formulations, wearers can confidently immerse themselves in the magnetic aromas all day long.

As ‘Blanko’ continues to amaze the fragrance market, generating an incredible Rs 1 crore per month in revenue, we are truly impressed by King’s outstanding success. Now, with Zaeden’s ‘The World of Sol’ stepping into the fragrant arena, we can’t help but hope for his brand’s soaring success too.

As these talented musicians and entrepreneurs continue to shine in the fragrance world, we celebrate their success and eagerly await their next extraordinary creations. With King and Zaeden leading the way, the future of the fragrance industry looks brighter and more exciting than ever before. May their aromatic journey continue to inspire and intrigue, filling our lives with delightful scents and joyful melodies.