The most loved and anticipated reality show on Indian Television is finally back! Everyone’s favourite host, Rohit Shetty, is all set to take the audience on an adrenaline rush yet again with the latest season of everyone’s favourite adventure series: Khatron Ke Khiladi 13!

Thrilling stunts, edge-of-the-seat entertainment, stunning locations, competitive contestants, and a whole lot of drama. The whole package. Khatron Ke Khiladi (KKK) is a show that has it all. And with every season, the difficulty level of the stunts and the stakes only get higher. The show is back with its 13th season which premiered on Colours TV this weekend on 15th July and is also digitally streaming on Jio Cinema. The show will air every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM. 

All About The New Season

Picturised in the breathtaking yet adventurous spots of Cape Town, South Africa, the new season showcases stunts set up at the most exotic locations. Setting the tone for the show with the tagline – Iss baar har level darr next level, the participants are in for an adventurous journey.

From being propelled hundreds of feet above the ground and/or sea, to being covered with creepy crawlies and facing reptiles, to manoeuvring through water/ fire/ electric shocks, 80% of the stunts this season are new. The difficult terrain and unpredictable weather adds to the arduousness of the stunts, making it that much more difficult to complete for the contestants. 

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The OG Daredevil: Rohit Shetty

Indian film director, stuntman, writer, producer and television host, Rohit Shetty dons multiple hats and aces each one of them. A true Khiladi who is fearless in every sense, he is hosting the show for the eighth consecutive time. And to be honest, we cannot imagine KKK without him. “Hosting Khatron Ke Khiladi each year is something that I absolutely enjoy. With season 13 we are going into the wild with a jungle theme and the ultimate rule of the jungle is – the survival of the fittest and the bravest” says Shetty during KKK 13’s announcement in a press statement. About shooting in South Africa, he added “It becomes a little helpful and easier to shoot in Cape Town, because we started from there. The kind of animals we have there, the equipment, the stunt team-they worked with me for my films as well. It’s like a family now.”

The 14 Khiladis of KKK 13

Watching your favourite celebrities face their worst fears is entertaining and empowering at the same time. Getting past every challenge thrown at them in order to win the coveted title at the end is no cakewalk. This season has a super interesting lineup in terms of participants who belong to very diverse fields of the entertainment industry. As per the filmmaker host, this lot is a great ensemble with a mix of fresh and popular faces. The contestants will have to put themselves through the most daunting and gruelling tasks to make it. 

khatron ke khiladi 13 rohit shetty shiv thakare soundous moufakir sheezan khan

Here’s the celebrities competing this season: Aishwarya Sharma, Anjali Anand, Anjum Fakih, Archana Gautam, Arjit Taneja, Daisy Shah, Dino James, Nyra Banerjee, Rashmeet Kaur, Rohit Roy, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Sheezan Khan, Shiv Thakare, Soundous Moufakir.

The contestants had been regularly updating their social media with KKK 13 shoot content from Cape Town keeping their followers engaged and excited for the show. We can finally catch our favourite celebs on our favourite show every weekend now! It has also been reported that some veterans like Divyanka Tripathi and Hina Khan shall return as Challengers for the contestants this season.

The Grand Premiere

Leave it to Rohit Shetty to make a daredevil entry in a helicopter like the Khiladi that he is. His entrance marked an exhilarating start to the show and the first task. Hanging onto a giant balloon being pulled by the chopper, the contestants who held on for the longest won and won’t have to perform any tasks for the week. Shiv Thakare, Soundous Moufakir, and Arjit Taneja were the lucky winners but no win comes without a twist on this show and so they will be staying in the real jungle instead of their hotel now. The premiere saw some really fun moments amongst the contestants. Shiv expressed his interest in being friends with and having Soundous in his group. Rashmeet’s singing and Dino’s rapping skills impressed everyone. Anjum showcased her poetic skills while trying to woo Rohit Shetty who pulled her leg. The next partner task led to the first elimination of the show as well. 

The First Eviction

The tasks are not easy to say the least and elimination has begun already. Ruhi Chaturvedi is the first contestant to leave the show as she couldn’t complete her elimination task. In her partner rask with Anjum, they were suspended in two glass containers above the water and had to collect maximum flags without falling down. They lost against Aishwarya and Dino and further lost in the partner car stunt against Rohit Roy and Sheezan Khan. The Kundali Bhagya stars had to perform the elimination task opposite each other where they chained around their waist with three locks and they had to find the correct keys in a box filled with reptiles and snakes. Anjum completed the task in 12 minutes but Ruhi panicked and lost, resulting in her elimination.

khatron ke khiladi 13 ruhi chaturvedi elimination rohit shetty

Let’s see what new stunts are in store for the contestants in the episodes to follow and who will make it to the end to be announced as the winner!