Karunesh Talwar released a new stand up video titled, ‘Aalas Motaapa Ghabraahat’ on Amazon Prime Video. A sneak peek of the same was released on YouTube. It’s been a while since we have watched a stand-up video being performed on stage and hence, this needed to be shared with you. So, let us dive into his script and enactment with lots of punchlines and subtle horrors of the consequences of being a comedian, shall we?

From taking the stage and talking about the pre-independence look alike set to landing every punchline, this one was a treat to watch. It included personal experiences from family to how afraid a comedian is because people do not understand the difference between comedy and serious remarks. His script was exceptionally thought-provoking and engaging that resulted in fits of laughter. What if I told you that Karunesh’s father took offense when he joked about his dad on stage? What happened after? Tap and watch the video to know for yourself!

Karunesh casted a laughing spell on you, too, didn’t he? Well, this was just the starter, if you want to devour the whole meal, tap HERE right away to watch the full performance on Amazon Prime Video! I have watched it and can guarantee that this will be the tickles to your rainy day that will bring a laughter of sunshine. Have a happy laughing spree, y’all!

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