The Karlaloboo trend has caught Instagram like wildfire and more and more people are jumping into it. If you scroll through Instagram, it is rather impossible that you haven’t come across it. Yet, if it does not ring a bell, let us do the honours. The karlaloboo audio is a trending audio which consists of the laughter sound and the sound when one claps or pats the back in a playful manner.

You must’ve seen 2 friends/sisters/relatives or anybody under the sun do it. The theme is simple. These 2 people are sharing a joke and laughing about it. While some have taken the pain to explain the background, most have not. One of the two keeps patting the back or shoulder of the other in the flow of the moment, which eventually frustrates the person on the receiving end and they push the other person away.

This karlaloboo trend is loved by creators, celebrities and commoners alike. More and more people are giving it their touch. While we are really deep into this trend, we thought why not list our favourite versions of it?

Karishma Tanna and Anushka Ranjan 

Both these actors are well-known on Instagram and have a strong following on the app. While Anushka Ranjan won the internet with her glamorous wedding, Karishma Tanna has her hands filled with Scoop, a story by Hansal Mehta that is now streaming on Netflix.

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In this Karlaloboo Trend, Karishma and Anushka are seen sitting at an Airport and what better way to kill time than hop on a trend?

While the video is liked by 94K people, it has more than 500 comments on it. Close to 11.5 K people have shared the video. The video can be seen on both of their feeds. While most people laughed at the duo’s hilarity, some couldn’t wait to recreate it themselves.

Heena Bhalla and Assttha Ssidana

Another top contender of the Karlaloboo trend is the duo Heena Bhalla and Aasttha Ssidana who truly stand on the top of the chart. With close to 5.6 million plays and 264K shares, they are ruling the trend. Both these friends look completely at ease while playing their parts and no wonder 261K people have liked the video.

Debattama Saha and Misty Singh

Another duo killing the challenge are Debattama Saha and Misty Singh. Dressed in wedding fits, both these actor cum creators looked gorgeous. The video has 64.9K likes and 332 comments on it. Nearly 2,000 people have shared the video.

Tell us your favourite version of this trend in the comment below.