Julia Gisella is one of the famous artists who have utilized her drawing power to grow herself in the digital world.

Julia’s art would leave you stunned so get ready to take a quick look at her!

She is often spotted on the Explore section of Instagram and undoubtedly the artist never misses the chance to catch your attention. Her use of color is brilliant, and it practically hops off the page, which is what is considered to be the most remarkable aspect.

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Although the subject matter of her work is much more “out there,” it still feels just as imaginative and rooted as anyone else’s.

All of her art emphasize realism and strives to appear as authentic as possible while still maintaining some element of artistic flair in each design. Julia also has her own store where followers can directly buy artwork curated by her – Julia Gisella Store.

She also has a YouTube channel – JULIA GISELLA where she has bagged 6 million plus followers. There she does fun challenges such as – I ✨FORCED✨my boyfriend to draw me as a ADORABLE Simpson😇😌 and other celebrities, creators, and Disney character challenges.

The majority of her posts are colored pencil drawings, and many of them include fictional concepts and have a tonne of crazy cartoon-style artwork scattered throughout.

See Fun Artworks by Julia Gisella:

  1. Julia as Mona from Dislyte

2. Hyperrealism Artwork – Bille Eilish

3. Follower drawings challenge – PATREON

4. Hyperrealism Artwork – Bella Poarch

Rush to her Social media handles now to do some Ready, Steady, SCROLL!