Dance is not just an art it is a source of expressing emotions. Even one can overcome sadness through dance and very similarly Jiggar Thakkar has won the hearts of millions of fans with his amazing and eye-popping dance moves.

Jiggar is an Indian Dancer and Youtuber. He can do complex moves with grace, and fabulous facial expressions, and showcases his talent effortlessly. He leaves everyone awestruck with his infectious moves. He creates magic whenever and where ever he dances for sure, from expressions to the on-point moves, Jigar is definitely an inspiration for all the dancers out there.

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Jiggar’s videos have been a visual treat and to begin with, he has an amazing song choice. His dances from ideation to execution turn out to be a total A-game and he is popular for his hip-hop dance form.

He is one of the most efficient creators who acknowledged the power of the internet and utilized it successfully into marking a significant place in the entertainment field. He often experiments with his content and understood the algorithm and started posting more of his dance videos.

Jiggar has a youtube channel – Jiggar Thakkar where he uploads videos of Dance Covers with various celebrities. He indeed has garnered a huge fan following on his social media platforms. 

Dance is a part of content creation and collaborating with other creators is one of the best ways to engage with the audience.

Bringing to you a few killer collaboration contents from Jiggar Thakkar :

1] Nagma Mirajkar

2] Anahita Karanjia

3] Just Janvi

4] Eshika

5] Srishty Rode

6] Aastha Shah

7] Vaishnavi Patil

8] Celina Mathew

9] Tanvi Gadkari

10] Yoshetaa Jogi

Content collaboration is changing the game of dance and it’s awesome! Once unknown unique dancers have flooded into the spotlight with the help of the video platform and are here to help users double up their dance game.