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Twitter is experimenting with a new integration that would enable users to display their Bitmoji character as their Twitter profile image. Bitmoji is a user-friendly personal emoji where an individual can create an expressive cartoon avatar, by choosing from the growing library of moods and stickers – Featuring YOU as a representation of yourself.

As seen in the tweet below which is posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter’s testing out a new Bitmoji integration within the profile image upload flow, with an ‘Add Bitmoji’ button to connect your Bitmoji account.

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Everybody loves Bitmojis, they help you express yourself on a digital platform like never before. They let you dress up as you like, and make your face and hair exactly in your image. Bitmojis have also been gaining popularity hence they are not just restricted themselves to social media platforms.

Which would also link your Twitter profile to Snapchat. Practically, this integration would provide a direct link between your Snapchat profile, where you create your Bitmoji character, and Twitter, which may be the first time that the two platforms have partnered on direct integration of this type.

Snapchat’s been looking to make its Bitmoji characters a bigger part and has decided to even launch a new range of branded Bitmoji clothing options to provide more ways for users to express their identity in the app.


Source: Social Media Today, Twitter provided the statement: “We are always exploring new ways for people to express themselves on the platform. We don’t have further details to share at this time.”

And as we move towards the metaverse future, users will be interacting via digital Bitmoji, which will then endear users enough to their characters to adopt them as their primary digital avatars to be used across these new, immersive spaces.

All this expansion is making sense as every day we are moving towards the future where the Metaverse will be our main point of interaction which we will do with our digital avatar versions. It could be another stepping stone to the metaverse, and a future where we interact in totally new ways.