Social media is almost everyone’s go-to when it comes to unwinding after a long day. From insightful to humorous to rib-tickling content, the digital world has it all in abundance. Janice Sequeira is a maestro when it comes to creating engaging content for the masses. Bringing together interesting content creators and influencers to play super fun games has become her forte. From her YouTube show “Social Media Stars with Janice” to her Podcast series “Back To The Start” to her new Instagram Reels format “Easy Paisa,” Janice sure knows how to keep everyone’s social media abuzz with entertaining content.

Janice Sequeira easy paisa

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The New Segment

Janice has come up with a really fun, quick, yet educational new segment called: “Easy Paisa.” The format of this series is very simple. All Janice does is ask the participant 5 questions. They could be related to the Film Industry, based on Pop Culture or General Knowledge questions. Every question has an equal price attached to it and the participants have approximately 60 seconds to answer all 5 questions.

The rule is simple: the more questions you answer correctly, the more you earn. For example, if Janice is giving out Rs. 500 as prize money for 5 questions and the participant gets 3 questions right, they earn Rs. 300! Easy way to make Paisa, right? This ‘Reels series,’ with it’s rapid-fire-like-feel and hilarious memes that pop up in between, make for a very entertaining watch.

Sameera, Reddy To Make Easy Paisa

Sameera Reddy has become a social media sensation lately, and we’re here for it. Watching her play “Easy Paisa” while being in her true element reminded us why we adore her. She may not be a genius when it comes to chemistry and politics but she sure knows her cinema and pop culture!

Filmy Paisa With Tanmay

Tanmay Bhat can definitely be termed as the King of Content. Even in an appearance that is a just minute long, he can amuse the audience well enough. Janice grilled Tanmay with questions that were mostly related to the film industry. Watch him answer all of them (almost) efficiently.

Srishti’s GK Is Put To Test

Srishti Dixit and ‘entertainment’ definitely go hand-in-hand. Watch Janice test her Gen-Z term and Avengers knowledge. Srishti has an “Alia Bhatt at KWK” moment when she is unable to answer who the current President of India is. But she makes up, eventually, thanks to Aamir Khan, haha!

This Rebel Kid Knows It All

Apoorva‘s last name is, in fact, a mystery. The answer to that alone deserves all the prize money! But Janice’s questions for Apoorva were not a mystery at all because she aced them with ease. Be it pop culture or testing her chemistry formulas or geographical knowledge, this rebel kid is smart indeed.

Yogini Scores 5 on 5

Anshuka, a Celebrity Yoga and Holistic Wellness expert, took the “Easy Paisa” Quiz with Janice. And this was a tough one yet the Yogini got them all right. She killed it with her answers to the cinema, chemistry and geography questions. Anshuka won but football lost, haha. Watch to find out why.

Easy Paisa In Amsterdam

Even when you travel the world, you shouldn’t forget your roots, haha. Janice took “Easy Paisa” all the way to Amsterdam with the prize money in Euros. It was really heartwarming to see her interview a sweet Indian family there. Janice riddled them with questions related to the Indian film industry and tested their math, geography and chemistry knowledge. The family got them all right- a perfect 5/5!

Jamnabai Students Make Some Easy Paisa

Janice came across a few students from Jamnabai School and decided to play “Easy Paisa” with them. She quizzed them on politics, math, pop culture, chemistry and filmy gyaan. And the boys played well. They eventually got them all right and won the Rs. 500 prize money.

If only it was that ‘Easy’ to make ‘Paisa’… It sure looks easy to answer these questions but the adrenaline rush can surely get the better of you! How many of them did you get right? Let us know in the comments below.