Facebook, in the USA and Canada, is rolling out Facebook Fantasy Games. The Fantasy Games are simple prediction games that help fans enjoy sports, TV shows and pop culture content together.

Facebook says that these games bring with them the “social fun of traditional fantasy sports to simpler formats that are easy to play for people new to prediction games, while still engaging enough for more seasoned players.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Making it Easy to Play with Friends and Fans: Fantasy Leagues

In addition to public leaderboards players on Facebook can make their own fantasy league and compete against their friends and other fans. The leagues can be either public or private. It will also allow members to compare scores by others in the league and even provide a place for members to share picks, reactions and comments.

Games Facebook Is Launching This Fall

Available now, the daily sports prediction game Pick & Play Sports is the first game that Facebook is launching, in partnership with Whistle Sports. In Pick & Play Sports the fans will get points for correctly predicting the winner of a big game. Players can also earn bonus points for building a streak of correct predictions over a series of days. Facebook says that in the coming months they “will introduce new games with TV shows like CBS’s Survivor and ABC’s The Bachelorette, sports leagues like Major League Baseball and LaLiga Santander and premier digital publishers like BuzzFeed.”

Source: Facebook

Fantasy Survivor

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Each week, fans will select a set of Castaways to be on their Fantasy Survivor team and answer a series of questions about the upcoming episode. Fans will then receive points based on the events that unfold in that week’s episode.

MLB Home Run Picks

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For each day during the MLB Postseason, fans can pick the teams that they think will hit the most home runs during that day’s action. Fans will then earn points based on correct predictions and whether their team hits home runs or grand slams — with extra points coming for those hit late in the game.

Fantasy: “The Bachelorette”

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Each week, fans will select a group from the men vying for Michelle Young’s heart to be on their Fantasy: “The Bachelorette” team and answer a series of questions about the upcoming episode. Fans will then receive points based on the actions and events involving the bachelors on their team and face off with their friends to prove who is the biggest Bachelor Nation fan of them all. 

LaLiga Winning Streak

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For each slate of games during the LaLiga Santander season, fans will predict a single team that will win on that day. Fans will try to build the longest streak possible of correct predictions, but they can’t pick the same team twice during a streak.

Android and iOS users can discover Fantasy Games from the bookmark menu and through notifications in their news feed.